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A book by the same title is in progress in collaboration with collective intelligence of the W100™.

CreativelyThe forum establishes a distinct place for deep discussion threads about topics requiring iterative thought development, exploration, collective experiences, and leverages the significant work in progress by countless creative and inspired souls.

Primarily, the network and book, provide a more fluid access to innovation and commerce among the membership with the indexing of people, places, processes, and purpose. The WHO Index™ categorizes common workplace and corporate real estate attributes in a filtering system that enables more targeted development, sales, and marketing. The Index is reflected in the right-hand column of navigation links. The content, network affiliate program, and publishing platforms are available for members.

Service ProvidersWorkplace, in our context, is about both the physical and virtual location where someone works together with the technology to support that work. Such a place can range from a home-office to a large office building or factory to a retail center to an open field of farming or the now popular share facilities like WeWork. For industrialized societies, the workplace is one of the most important social spaces other than the home, constituting a central concept for several entities: the worker and his/her family, the employing organization, the customers of the organization, and the society as a whole. The development of new communication technologies has led to the development of the virtual workplace, a workplace that is not tethered to any one physical space.

Fortune 500Corporate real estate, in our context, is the real property held or used by a business enterprise or organization for its own operational purposes. A corporate real estate portfolio typically includes a corporate headquarters and a number of branch offices, and perhaps various manufacturing and retail sites. Recent disclosures by leading companies and analysts describe a global environment in a state of dynamic change. Corporate real estate is a massive, vital and under-managed asset class, given the: inherent nature and complexity of its commercial real estate exposures; disparate skill-sets, incentives, and behaviors of stakeholders and vested parties; corporate focus on other core asset classes of the business; and price and cost volatility of goods and services in an ever-fluctuating global marketplace.

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A number of factors are making the focus of these assets and operations more compelling at the individual enterprise level, broader global socioeconomic and governmental levels. The convergence of forces including globalization, age shift, technology, social media, the very recent democratization of capital through crowdfunding, and other influences will change this workplace landscape with unimagined velocity and exponentiality now and forevermore. Increasing technical capabilities including financial performance management, global footprint management, predictive analytics, roles and responsibilities, big data feasibilities, visualization, cross-company collaborations, public-private partnerships, economic uncertainties, depreciating assets, workforce age shifts and the list goes on.

Leading practitioners and thought leaders across the globe are coming together here to leverage their existing networks, participate in these discussions, discoveries, and distribution of findings.

Thriving vs GrowthThis global market has been estimated at some $50 trillion in asset value with probably an equal dollar amount of operating costs. But nobody knows for sure! According to our research, fifteen thousand enterprises (US-based reporting to D&B) have corporate real estate portfolios ranging from one hundred to tens of thousands owned and leased locations. Two hundred thousand companies ranging from geographically focused small businesses to Fortune 500 global companies provide an array of related services for these portfolios to their clients’ internal corporate managers. Add to that university and government portfolios including municipalities, states (provinces et al), and federal agencies and there is no telling what the number might look like. It is a marketplace fragmented, difficult to define, and connect!

If content is king, the network is queen, and to publish establishes your place in the order of the realm . . . thriving humanity versus growth is the purpose.