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A Non-Political Perspective

This is offered up, not as politics or another call to argue this or that, but for to elevate our common sense(s) and advance forward to a new place in time. We need to talk. My life experiences at various … Continue reading

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The Power of Thought

Every being in the universe is an expression of the Tao. It springs into existence, unconscious, perfect, free, takes on a physical body, lets circumstances complete it. That is why every being spontaneously honors the Tao. The Tao gives birth … Continue reading

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Inside Outside

The Tao can’t be perceived. Smaller than an electron, it contains uncountable galaxies. If powerful men and women could remain centered in the Tao, all things would be in harmony. The world would become a paradise. All people would be … Continue reading

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Power Of Thought

Know the male, yet keep to the female: receive the world in your arms. If you receive the world, the Tao will never leave you and you will be like a little child. Know the white, yet keep to the … Continue reading

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