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Peace of Mind

. . . Is Tolerant Be Patient With Your Days If you are delayed, if your work does not seem to be developing as you hoped, do not be despondent or disheartened, but be thankful that you are being trained … Continue reading

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Distortion and Forgiveness

He who is in harmony with the Tao is like a newborn child. Its bones are soft, its muscles are weak, but its grip is powerful. It doesn’t know about the union of male and female, yet its penis can … Continue reading

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Content to Forgive

If a country is governed wisely, its inhabitants will be content. They enjoy the labor of their hands and don’t waste time inventing labor-saving machines. Since they dearly love their homes, they aren’t interested in travel. There may be a … Continue reading

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Timely and now timeless article about how we manage out time. You probably don’t want to admit it but you love distractions. In fact, just like monkeys, you get a shot of dopamine every time something pulls you in another … Continue reading

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