The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

White EagleThe Quiet Mind comes in response to many requests for a collection of White Eagle’s ‘sayings’ chosen to give guidance and help with the problems and experiences of everyday life.
The tile is from White Eagle’s own words in Grace Cooke’s book Meditation. ‘The secret of strength lies in the quiet mind . . .’
A passage from the same book enumerates those qualities of soul revealed in the beautiful and perfect personality of the Master – qualities to which the disciple himself aspires on his own path towards mastership – and provides the framework for The Quiet Mind. For the sayings fall in groups arranged round each of these qualities in turn, to help us to face with courage and wisdom those trials of everyday, both great and small which come to test us, whether we ring true.
Meditation by Grace CookeThe passage in question reads:
‘If you can think of yourself as being all you know that you should be: constant, gentle, loving and kind to every man, woman and child, and to every circumstance in life; kind and tolerant in your attitude towards all conditions on earth; above all, if you can conceive yourself as being completely calm in all conditions and circumstances, quiet and yet strong – strong to aid your weaker brethren, strong to speak the right word, to take the right action, and so become a tower of strength and light; if you can see yourself facing injustice and unkindness with a serene spirit, knowing that all things work out in time for good, and that justice is always ultimately triumphant; if you have patience to await the process of the outworking of the will of God: if you can picture becoming like this, you will know something of mastership . .. .’
White Eagle speaks, not from a remote height, but as one who himself has trod this way when on earth, through many, many lives. He speaks with authority, but with real and tender love and understanding; often with humor, always constructively, never critically.
If we can follow where he leads, each one of us can at least find strength and comfort in tribulation. At most, we shall find perfect happiness.
Let us never forget however that we do not walk alone, for, as White Eagle says, ‘If the veil could be drawn aside, you would indeed feel happy and thankful to know that by the power and thought the will of God, the spiritual brothers come close to help you with you upward climb. Try to feel the comfort of their warm handclasp – their hand upon your shoulder, their understanding. Your spiritual teach and guide knows your every aspiration, every difficulty that you endure. Your guide knows your innermost need, and will comfort you and lead you into green pastures and beside still waters. By your love, by your belief in God’s love, your belief in love itself, you can create the bridge across which we come to you.’
‘Think of your Master as being very natural, very loving and simple. The more simple you are yourself the nearer you will be to realization of his nature. He smiles upon you, and often his eyes twinkle with tender humor. When you think of him, remember the twinkling eyes, the tender humor and the wise understanding!’
‘All God seeks from you, His child is the devotion of your heart; He wants your heart for God, you heart for all that is good. For God is love, and he that loveth knoweth God and does what God wills; to him all things are possible. Have patience and keep on working for God.’

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