Sacred TextsThe wisdom captured here are from four sacred texts that have been daily disciplines of my desire to understand the divine and stay connected to my source.

The daily posts are organized in the same sequence and flow.

  • First is the Tao Te Ching which has 81 verses which are cycled through in order and then begun again.
  • Second is Daily Word which is published monthly by Unity and includes a brief message with a verse from the Bible.
  • Third is one of 365 lessons including reviews from the workbook of A Course in Miracles which are cycled through in order and then begun again.
  • Fourth is a highlighted section from The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle which are not numbered and are cycled in order and then begun again.

The study of these and other wisdom texts covering all the great religions and mystical writings began some thirty-five years ago and continue to the present day. The establishment of this site and these posting was the result of a calling to share these insights from the historical and present lovers of God. The first post here occurred on March 27, 2011.

The images are my personal selections from a variety of sources most predominately Google Images and Pinterest. I have simply done key word searches and then looked for an image that resonated with me and my intuition of the text in that moment. Visualizing these profound messages anchors them for me heart, mind and soul in a way that mere reading and intellectualizing does not accomplish. I hope you continue to enjoy and be inspired on your own journey.

David Mills

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