Quantum Field Theory Touchstone

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer

Seeing 2What is the fundamental idea behind fields in physics? Why do they exist?
Answered by Chris Quinn on Quora

I always enjoy seeing and answering questions which, rather than being concerned about a very specific problem in a very specific domain (aka: do my homework for me), jump right to the heart of a phenomenon which is expressed in a large variety of physics phenomenon and from which one can learn a lot about the state of physics from the answer.

>> If you look at the various dimensions of the workplace and corporate real estate, you can see one of the sources of curiosity for me about this subject. David Mills

What is a field?
Ripples on a PondLet’s start by examining what, exactly, is a field theory. A field theory is, in essence, a physics theory in which all interactions occur by mediation in a field. As a familiar example, one could model the vertical movement of a bobber on a lake in terms of the item “bobber” interacting with the field “lake.” Consider dropping a rock into a lake in which a bobber is floating.
The rock and bobber both interact with the water “field” producing a traveling, self-interacting wave in the field. This wave eventually reaches the bobber, and causes it to move. In much the same way, in all field theories of note forces travel in waves of self-field interactions induced by perturbations on the field. Field theories today are defined as a set of rules producing a self-interacting field through which an interaction between particles can be modeled.
The most important takeaway from this discussion are that fields provide an alternative method of modeling interactions in the world, they are not a “thing” but a propagator of interactions, and they are exactly defined at all points in space. This will be important when space stops being constant later.

Issac NewtonNewton’s original formulation of his laws of motion proposed that forces occur between objects instantaneously regardless of distance, and such forces occur without any intervening medium to transmit the force . . .

Up to this point, physics mostly could be expressed both in terms of newtons law’s, and in terms of a field formulation. Special Relativity began to change this. Special relativity proposed a number of mathematical rules which originate from the two postulates . . .

For those thirsty for knowledge, considering examining a good book about quantum field theory or classical mechanics for more.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-fundamental-idea-behind-fields-in-physics-Why-do-they-exist

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Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Mexico's New President 2018López Obrador, or AMLO, as he is also called, won fifty-three per cent of the vote, leaving his nearest rivals, including Ricardo Anaya of the conservative PAN party, far behind. Not only did López Obrador win; the party that he founded a few years ago—the Movement for National Regeneration—also won a majority of seats in both houses of the national legislature, and it took five of the nine governorships that were up for grabs. It was, as they say, a real sweep.

Enter López Obrador, an unabashed left-wing politician who has built up a base of national support through good old-fashioned grassroots campaigning over the past twenty years. By any definition, he is an extraordinary political figure. Born and raised in the state of Tabasco, a Gulf Coast backwater, López Obrador is a curious blend. An unassuming man of simple tastes and a reputation for personal austerity, he is also a published historian with a half-dozen books to his name, and he’s a passionate follower—and player—of baseball. On Sunday, at the age of sixty-four, he has also become the most powerful person in Mexico, someone who promises to end the country’s culture of corruption and to launch it into a new era—what he calls the “fourth Mexican transformation.” The first came with Mexico’s independence from Spanish colonial rule, in 1821; the second with Benito Juárez’s liberal reforms and his return to power, after ousting the French-imposed Habsburg emperor Maximilian, in the eighteen-sixties; the third was the epochal and bloody Mexican Revolution, in the early twentieth century. López Obrador promises that his transformation will be a peaceful one.

For a recent piece for the magazine, I accompanied López Obrador on three separate campaign trips and had several conversations with him. The main feeling I came away withwas that López Obrador has a strong sense of historic purpose in what he is doing, and that he genuinely believes in the ability of Mexicans to rise above their circumstances with his help. Those who have compared his populism to Trump’s are fundamentally mistaken, in my view; López Obrador’s populism is built not on a hatred of “the other,” or on a need to prevail at the expense of others, but rather on an intuitive faith that Mexicans can overcome their current reality with a redeployment of their most outstanding national traits—hard work, resourcefulness, pride, modesty, and bravery.

Read more in The New Yorker article . . .

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Halftime and Independence

As the United States celebrates Independence Day (242nd) over an extended holiday for many hopefully, yesterday’s food and festivities didn’t satiate reflecting from whence we came and where we’re headed. These five videos might provide a useful context for you to shape your own thoughts and agendas.

July 4th 2018 MontageJohn Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Kennedy, and Kate Raworth
John Adams – A Case for Independence
The Declaration of Independence
John F. Kennedy’s “City Upon a Hill” speech 1961
JFK’S Speech at Yale University (June 11, 1962)
Thriving versus Growth – Kate Raworth’s Ted Talk 2018

This time also marks the mid-point in the year. Its a good time for us to reflect on our own direction and purpose, what we’ve accomplished in the first half, and what’s next.
My new friends in Morelia, Mexico have added wonderful dimension and perspective to all of this!

Como los Estados Unidos celebran el Día de la Independencia (242) durante un feriado prolongado para muchos, con suerte, la comida y las festividades de ayer no sirvieron para reflejar desde dónde venimos y hacia dónde nos dirigimos. Estos cinco videos pueden proporcionar un contexto útil para que usted pueda dar forma a sus propios pensamientos y agendas.
John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Kennedy y Kate Raworth
John Adams: un caso de independencia
La declaración de independencia
El discurso de John F. Kennedy “City Upon a Hill” 1961
Speech de JFK en la Universidad de Yale (11 de junio de 1962)
Próspero versus crecimiento: Ted Talk 2018 de Kate Raworth
Esta vez también marca el punto medio en el año. Es un buen momento para que reflexionemos sobre nuestra propia dirección y propósito, lo que hemos logrado en la primera mitad y lo que viene después.
¡Mis nuevos amigos en Morelia, México, han agregado una dimensión y una perspectiva maravillosas a todo esto!

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Just in case you hadn’t noticed . . .

. . .  the world has changed.

Guangzhou, ChinaFree WiFi is available at Guangzhou airport (China) for 300 minutes per session. Connect to the “AIRPORT-WIFI-FREE” network. You will need to have mobile phone to receive an access code, or you can scan your passport at any one of the eight self-service WiFi kiosks in order to receive a printout of the code. Apr 13, 2017

Guangzhou, China 2With the work in progress, Workplace Hidden Opportunities and its global network is exploring these phenomena via our network and a book of collaboration by the same title for publication coming soon.

If this is your thing, come join us.

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Channelling Light

Healing 6While channelling Light, we request Divine Light from the Ocean of Light to descend into us and after experiencing Light as Peace and Divine Love, we spread It around. Light is God’s Energy. It is full of Wisdom, Knowledge, Compassion and has infinite Potential to guide, help, protect and assist in many ways. Besides spreading Light generally, there is another way of petitioning Light to help specifically – by sending Light.
When we see injustices, diseases and strife which we cannot change, we can send Light. All that is needed is to request Light to heal the place, situation or a person. Since Energy follows our intent, intend that after Light descends into us, Light emanates as a beam from our hearts and reaches out to wherever and to whom-so-ever we denote. The Grace from Light can establish harmony wherever it is needed.
We cannot instruct Light about what It needs to do or what we wish should happen, we cannot instruct God. Light will know what it should do and when. Light speaks to the person at the level of the Soul. Given the Law of Freewill, a person may even reject Light and Its guidance and continue with negativity. Light never enforces change, It supports positive growth. It helps the Divine potential in everyone to bloom forth. Instant results may or may not happen since the gravity of the situation always varies and the acceptance of guidance from Light depends on the individual.
You may send Light to anyone, anywhere, at anytime for as long as you want. Sending Light is a Spiritual, non-religious act of Love and Compassion.
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

Source: Revolution by light

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Quiet Saturday Evening Thunderstorm

World Cup Win 2The windows are getting washed on the outside and the streets cleaned after Morelia celebrated Mexico’s second World Cup victory this week.
I have much to celebrate and be thankful for here as a new friend is starting next week to help me and my apartment; and with many new friends and acquaintances that I see here on the street where I live. As I do my writing this evening I reflect on America (someone once said that it takes a little distance to see things more clearly) and all the rites of passage that have brought me to this place and marvel at the audience that Workplace Hidden Opportunities is attracting and the services that it can provide on the global stage.
Something lost and gained in living everyday from both sides now.
Good evening friends.

En Español (por favor use los enlaces de arriba)
Ahora Ambos LadosTranquilo sábado por la noche Tormenta
Las ventanas se lavan por fuera y las calles se limpian después de que Morelia celebrara la segunda victoria de México en la Copa del Mundo esta semana.
Tengo mucho que celebrar y estar agradecido aquí ya que un nuevo amigo comenzará la próxima semana para ayudarme a mí y a mi departamento; y con muchos nuevos amigos y conocidos que veo aquí en la calle donde vivo. Mientras escribo esta noche, reflexiono sobre Estados Unidos (alguien dijo una vez que toma un poco de distancia ver las cosas más claramente) y todos los ritos de pasaje que me han traído a este lugar y me maravillo ante la audiencia de que las Oportunidades Escondidas en el Lugar de Trabajo son atraer y los servicios que puede proporcionar en el escenario global.
Algo perdido y ganado en la vida diaria de ambos lados ahora.
Buenas tardes amigos.

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Balance and The Solstice

Summer SolsticeAt 3:07am PT (6:07 ET) today the Sun reached its most northerly position on its journey across the sky.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the longest day of the year. For those in the South, the shortest. Yet, regardless of your geographical coordinates, today’s Solstice remains the same.

Now is the time to honor the natural patterns and cycles of our Universe…

To spot the beautiful balance of light and dark that exists within you…

To show gratitude for your lessons learned over the past 6 months…

To embrace that which inspires you…

And to put to rest anything that’s holding you back, especially as we enter the second half of this “11” Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11).

Celebrate this special day on the ever-spinning wheel of life…

Lean in and make this year count…

Source: Numerologist – Numbers, Patterns, Purpose

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