Tuesday,  July 17, 2018

MoreliaI came to Morelia, Mexico on Tuesday, February 27th for an extended stay . . .
My intended stay will be until the publication of Workplace Hidden Opportunities or some other international port of call presents a more compelling invitation.

Other than my physical address my contact information remains the same. Without this notice, you wouldn’t know that I have moved 1,740.7 miles south from an elevation of 500 to 6,100 ft from Nashville, TN, the city I have called home since 1963. Interestingly, and beyond my awareness, the move from Music City USA has landed me in Centro Historico in the heart of Morelia, The City of Music.

David at Virrey 2

My writing space on arrival compliments of the Hotel Virrey de Mendoza

I am capturing stories of that transit and its companions here and in posts to various social media sites which are part of my communication platform. As part of that expression, and in an effort to learn and understand the Spanish language, I am writing these stories in my native language and translating those using Google’s translate application. If you are receiving communications in various languages and social media, I think you will find it invaluable for both directions of your dialogues. Horatio, El Amigo Gringo de Portalas en Morelia, is the home for those stories, reminiscences and insights.

Life Long Dream
For the longest time (decades not years) I have visioned myself, past what I call my transactional days, living internationally and becoming immersed in a second language and more. All this to broaden my perspective, contribute to my love of life, storytelling, and engage my senses with the wonders of the world.

I have been blessed with three primary residential cities. Washington DC, Dallas, and Nashville each provided, in that order, the foundation to ready me for this global excursion. My arrival point in Wilmington, Delaware is no less wonder filled than my arrival in Morelia.

Quality of Life
Money, formerly barter, is a fundamental requirement for sustenance. Aesthetics is, for some, equally or more important. My spirit and soul were embedded with the second. Morelia is exceeding my expectation by leaps and bounds on both accounts.

Workplace Hidden Opportunities (WHO) is a book in progress about the global workplace and its underlying physical assets, the focus of my business life for a career spanning five decades. I realized that without a perspective and agenda beyond the United States, which I love and feel some immediate concern, my voice would be myopic and shackled.

Global Perspective
My sense is the notion of nation states and superpowers has reached their eclipse. Like the dinosaur, there can be a long tail to extinction. WHO, through its interviews, is exposing that we have arrived at the tipping point on our way to a new world order. As a preview you might be interested in this Evolution Ted Talk.

Personal Growth
The conclusion of my seventh decade of this life was at Thanksgiving 2017. Sitting on soul purpose or some ill-defined itch without a scratch sucks energy and depletes life essence in often imperceptible ways. The age of a child prodigy (Mozart) or late bloomer (Lincoln) is both relevant and irrelevant.

Transit Guides
Location MapNumerous guides and angels have appeared in a continuing cascade that have and continue to make this magical mystery tour a seminal event in my life. Not the least of those occurrences has been the move to my recent apartment and neighborhood at Calle Aquiles Serdan 803 in Centro Historico near the intersection of the ancient aqueduct.

Greetings from Morelia!
Saludos desde Morelia

PS My introduction to and immersion in el español has commenced with the great patience and assistance of many.

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  1. Ralph says:

    Proud of your spirit of adventure!


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