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Chakras – Body for Light

A chakra is a spinning vortex of activity created by the presence of consciousness within the physical body. These vortices exist within what is called the subtle body – a hidden field of energy that carries your urges, emotions, and … Continue reading

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How Do You Want Life To Be?

Craig Wetter is a recently connected friend and colleague. I know this sharing of his will be a blessing to you and those you share it with. In responding to his ‘gift’ I commented, ‘This is the most crisply articulated and … Continue reading

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We are Simion The Evolutionary Collective.  Now that you have made it to 2012, and are well on your way through the year, what will the last fated month, December 2012, mean?  What will happen in this month that has … Continue reading

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Crown Chakra

The following is an excerpt from Anodea Judith’s excellent study of the chakra system available online and in bookstores. Highly recommended. Chakra Seven REALIZATION  We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to … Continue reading

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