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Dealing with Turbulence

Dealing with Turbulence wisely – Guruji Krishnananda As we had expected, we are witnessing turbulence happening at all levels, individual to global. This is a very unusual turbulence caused by the special energies brought down to earth by the Rishis. … Continue reading

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Kennedy and the Moon

Kennedy proposes joint mission to the moon An optimistic and upbeat President John F. Kennedy suggests that the Soviet Union and the United States cooperate on a mission to mount an expedition to the moon. The proposal caught both the … Continue reading

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Emancipation Proclamation

On this day in 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issues a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which sets a date for the freedom of more than 3 million black slaves in the United States and recasts the Civil War as a fight against … Continue reading

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Eulogy for Walter S. Mills, Jr. Sunday, June 30, 1996 @ 3:00 PM Friend’s Meeting House, Est. by the Quakers in 1753 Chappaqua, NY Walt. The mere sound of the name evokes strong feelings in me. First of love. Second … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Strenth

Some lessons happen over a lifetime. Others happen in an instant. Either way, the paradox of strength is that it develops though pain. Each misfortune cultivates a renewed appreciation. Each obstacle fosters a new level of perseverance. Each sadness teaches … Continue reading

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Independence Day in Mexico

Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) is a Mexican holiday to celebrate the “cry of independence” on September 16, 1810, which started a revolt against the Spaniards. It follows from the day of the Cry of Dolores (El Grito de … Continue reading

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The Workplace

W100™ In a western orchestra, there are typically between 22 and 30 instruments. Add casual, pop instruments perhaps another 20. Globally there must be a 1000 or more. Casper Abraham via Quora Preface When the idea for the Workplace 100™ (W100™) … Continue reading

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