David Mills

David is creator and guiding author of Workplace Hidden Opportunities.

Workplace Hidden Opportunities (HiddenOpps and WHO) is an information management Specialized Knowledge Platform™ (SKP™) focused exclusively on the workplace and corporate real estate. The intention is to provide efficient, affordable, filtered access to this global marketplace of buyers and sellers. The website companion to the book in progress went live earlier this week without promotion while we organize the site and load significant amounts of developed content.

David has been a bricks and mortar developer, software developer, and visionary CEO for the last four decades always on the leading edge of technology. His most recent role at CREinFocus integrated disparate people, processes and information to build a suite of intellectual property assets. He is identifying merger and acquisition advisors to help with the sale of these assets.

An almost daily blog here has recently expanded beyond four spiritual wisdom texts which start each post. A second section, Heaven and Earth, highlights Ken Carey’s phenomenal channeled writing, The Starseed Transmissions. The third section, Field of Play, draws from all aspects of sports leadership. The closing section, The American Presidency, brings a timely focus on the insights of history and current global leaders about the dynamics of the election in progress and its potential impacts. Check out the About page here for more about how it unfolded.

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