November 23, 2017 – Thanksgiving Day

In these few years since the publication of Life Love God, the world has changed more dramatically than seems possible.

My intention for Life Love God going forward is to examine these unfoldings as they occur or become apparent. For me, writing is both a joy and a necessity. When those two are at odds, I know that the writing (an attempt to understand the circumstance and clarify my thoughts) is more important.

My hope for Life Love God is that will be a forum for civil discourse and discovery. I have learned in this march through time that in attempting to describe anything it is important to try to say what that thing is and what it is not. To that end, this is not a platform for opinionated diatribes (mine or others).

My request is this. If you are one of the 1,773 people currently ‘following’ this blog, that you will acknowledge the posts in some fashion and comment where your voice is called. If you are one of the amazing 48,363 ‘hits’ to the site since its inception, that you will consider subscribing and sharing what’s on your mind. The menu and the side navigation bar are changed to help encourage those objectives. Facebook and Twitter are and have been, the primary channels for the posts.

Line and Feather

March 27, 2011 – Origin

To My Father’s House is a channeled writing that was scribed on my bedside pad around 3am in September 1998. My own spiritual quest had taken on what I would call a conscious intentionality in October of 1990 when, through the seeming mist, pilgrims appeared to me opening doors and windows to a world of glory and wonderment.

I discovered, not so much to my surprise, that I had been under the protection and guidance of powerful forces both present and unseen through all my days. This awareness did not and has not made the road less problematic, but the blessings, grace, and wonderment have made the journey full of flavor, joy and most importantly given each day a sense of awe that is truly beyond description.

To My Father’s House


9 Responses to About

  1. Vince Chough says:

    I especially liked part V of “To My Father´s House”…
    Blessings to you David,


  2. marcia says:

    here is the poem I read to you today:

    Confined by the insides of this small space
    Opportunity abounds to see face to face
    The pain,the joy
    From girl to boy

    I choose to hear when words surround me
    I choose to listen when hurt abounds me
    I choose to offer what service I can
    Yet I struggle to see that every human I meet
    Is neither higher nor lower than where hands meet

    Another chapter in my story
    Of a book still left unwritten
    Full of defeat and glory
    Of which I have risen

    To where I go
    I’ve yet to know
    Filled with doubt and insecurity
    I am divinely guided by something greater than me

    If what this time here has taught me
    It is but one true word
    That my life and yours has been sent here
    To SERVE

    Thank you david


  3. David Mills says:

    Yet another affirmation of the road we all walk. Thank you for sharing!!
    Your voice as all others are welcome here as we figure our ‘gift to give.’


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