Muckraking Redux

Stormy Daniels and Ya Got Trouble

I asked someone recently if they were aware of the extent to which they complained. Their response was measured and thoughtful. ‘It makes me feel better.’ So there you go. One person’s joy, another person’s sorrow.

Two sermonettes found me on my laptop this morning. A pastor friend of mine told me that one of his teachers in divinity school shared the maxim that if a sermon failed to make at least one person laugh and one person cry, then the sermon had failed. See if these two pass muster with you.

Line and Feather

Muckraking TargetsHistorians have long looked to a few key criteria in evaluating the beginning of a president’s administration. First and foremost, any new president should execute public duties with a commanding civility and poise befitting the nation’s chief executive, but without appearing aloof or haughty. As George Washington observed at the outset of his presidency in 1789, the president cannot in any way “demean himself in his public character” and must act “in such a manner as to maintain the dignity of the office.”

New presidents also try to avoid partisan and factional rancor and endeavor to unite the country in a great common purpose. In line with their oath of office, they dedicate themselves to safeguarding and even advancing democratic rights and to protecting the nation against foreign enemies. They avoid even the slightest imputation of corruption, of course, political but above all financial. They Were Bad. He May Be Worse.

 Line and Feather

Now On StageAnd so it was — on the anniversary of the inauguration; with a government shutdown consuming the capital; with cities across the country, including this one, hosting women’s rallies condemning President Trump as an emblem of misogyny — that this national moment delivered a glut of customers, journalists and a notable adult film actress to a perhaps inevitable fate.

The music came on. The clothes came off. And an airport strip club claimed its piece of the American presidency. Now on Stage, Stormy Daniels: A Strip Club and a Presidency Meet After Dark

Line and Feather

Muckraking is in high cotton at present – an informative overview at Wikipedia provides some entertaining historical insights. The musicals of the 1960s were and are a favorite of mine. This video clip from The Music Man seems an appropriate closing anthem.

In the spirit of the order of service, here is where we send forth with blessings on each and all.

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