The Long and Short of It

Netzach. . . Bears No Resentment
Take The Long View
There is so much which you cannot understand in human relationships; often you have to endure what seems to be injustice. But those in the spirit world, who can take the long view, can always tell you that all crooked places will be made straight and all injustice will be righted.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

 Line and Feather

Present MomentChrist Consciousness and Humanity
The psychological process that triggers this awareness takes place in the present moment. You must be there, fully present, to experience it. This is not difficult. Simply be aware of whatever you are doing. If you are slicing the bread, do not be thinking of your thirst. If you are listening to a friend, do not be thinking of what you are going to say next. If you are eating a meal, do not be thinking of what you are going to do when the meal is over, but show the Earth the appreciation of your fullest attention.
In whatever activity you engage, be there fully in Consciousness also. This will draw you into the Presence of God, and quickly show you what areas of your life are most in need of adjustment. The question is not how much of the Presence of God you can bring into your life, but how much of your life can you bring into the present.
From Chapter 7 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

wrigley-fieldField of Play
The team, first known as the White Stockings, was a founding member of the NL in 1876, becoming the Chicago Cubs in 1903.
In 1906, the Cubs won a Major League record 116 games, finishing 116–36 and posted a modern-era record winning percentage of .763, before losing the World Series to the Chicago White Sox (“The Hitless Wonders”) by four games to two. The Cubs won back-to-back World Series championships in 1907 and 1908, becoming the first Major League team to play in three consecutive World Series, and the first to win it twice. The team has appeared in a total of eleven World Series, most recently in 2016. The Cubs have not won the World Series in 108 years, and they had not won the National League pennant in 71 years until finally winning it in 2016, both of which are record “droughts” in Major League Baseball. Since the start of divisional play in 1969, the Cubs have appeared in the postseason eight times. This included five trips to the League Championship Series—in 1984, 1989, 2003, 2015, and 2016 which they won.
Tomorrow the Cleveland Indians
Read more . . .

Line and Feather

exodusThe American Presidency
Regardless of the outcome of the Presidential election week after next the issue of global migration is daunting, exponential in its impacts because of population growth et al. As a result how every country deals with the issue of immigration is vital. This will require orientation and reorientation. Here is some food for thought on the topic.
A hundred and seventy-four refugees from Syria arrived in Indiana, during the past fiscal year, as part of President Obama’s stated goal of admitting ten thousand Syrians who had been displaced by civil war. There were organizations in Indiana ready to help them, including a nonprofit state-supported group called Exodus. But the state itself was less hospitable: the governor publicly declared the refugees a security risk, and announced that Indiana would refuse to reimburse Exodus for any costs incurred on the Syrians’ behalf. Exodus sued, and the case was argued before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals last month, by which point it had acquired additional political significance: the defendant, Governor Mike Pence, was also the Republican nominee for Vice-President.
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