Resentment and Release

.Transmute Karma 2 . . Bears No Resentment
The Way To Transmute Karma
We come to help you. A thought from you, a prayer, a hope, and your brothers know and are with you; but we cannot take from you your freewill, nor rob you of your experience; we cannot free you from your karmic debts. You must accept for payment debts that you have incurred, and sweetly surrender yourselves to the infinite love of God. But we can assure you that your karma can be softened with the love of the Lord Christ. You can work out your lessons joyfully. This is the way to transmute karma. As soon as you have learnt the lessons your karma is meant to teach you, it will fall away; it will no longer exist.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle


 Line and Feather

Do Your Work, Then Let GoChrist Consciousness and Humanity

Release the structure of past identity; surrender to the guards at the gates of Eden all your definitions of now; relinquish your silly hold on reality and come join us in the freedom of the stars. The doorway is open. Die to all you so foolishly think you know. Lay down your beliefs like the agents of separation that they are. Hope for nothing but what is, and see its fullness in every moment. A new time is before your species, a time of realization, fulfillment and adventure. Accept this time. Move into it. Dance in the momentum of its inevitability. It is the breath of Life and the song of God that you have been cut off from for so long.

Life is now. Life exists, only in the present moment of time, in the Presence of God. Thoughts that are oriented toward the past and future serve only to restrict and limit the amount of animating current that is available to vitalize your expression. You have no idea how much energy will flow through you when you have proven your trustworthiness and cleared these obstructions from your circulatory systems. Can you release the past and future oriented conceptual structures that are preventing this from taking place? Are you willing to come with me, to join with me in a journey of unimaginable adventure? Come, my friend, the door is open. Lay down your fear. Lay down your reason. Leave the past behind. And prepare yourself for transformation.

From Chapter 7 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

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