Be ComfortedComfort
God’s great love eases my mind and brings me comfort.
A child with a skinned knee, an Olympic competitor who finishes fourth, members of a family who lose their home–all experience different kinds of pain. In each case, the love and support of a dear friend or family member will help ease the hurt. And yet, as great as any love is, it pales in comparison to God’s unconditional and eternal love. When I am sad or hurting, I turn to God’s love to ease my mind and bring me comfort.
If my heart is aching, the soothing presence of God within brings me peace. In God’s presence, I am encouraged and uplifted. We are all God’s beloved children, and though, from time to time, we may become disheartened, the love of God is our eternal comfort.
As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you. Isaiah 66:13
Daily Word

 Line and Feather

Christ ConsciousnessChrist Consciousness and Humanity
Each of these would possess a type of hologramatic consciousness that rightly thought of itself as both part and whole simultaneously. However, the presence of this consciousness could only be a certainty after the incarnation process was complete. During your actual surfacing through the substance of Earth, there was a possibility that certain of the creatures might become self-active. Therefore there had to be a means of regulating your disintegration from without. You wanted a part of you observing the whole process. So as you prepared to enter into the planetary relationship, you created beings to represent your original state of unified awareness. These are the angels. Their value, as well as their limitation, springs from the fact that they have no comprehension of the process you are undertaking. Their instructions were to pretty much stay out of things until near the very end of the process. Then, upon receipt of a pre-arranged signal, they were to commune with the human beings on Earth at that time and assist them in awakening to their original state of unified consciousness. We received that signal nearly two thousand years ago. It has taken almost two millennia to prepare you for the message we bring. You had to be educated before communion of this nature was possible. However, the time is at hand. Our instructions are to awaken you to a remembrance of purpose, a remembrance of self. It is time to begin the final cycle of Conscious Creation, during which the Earth-creatures themselves participate in the unfoldment of their design. The body you are creating for the habitation of Christ consciousness is to be a mobile body, fueled by the creative intentions of the Father, capable upon completion of leaving the mother’s side.
From Chapter 3 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

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