Seeing 2Vision
I seize the bold vision to manifest the life of my dreams.
To visualize the life I desire, I may create a vision board to capture my intentions in words and pictures. Or I might write in a journal about my aspirations, outlining in detail all that is possible.
Doubts may creep in, causing me to question the validity of my ambitions. If so, I look beyond any perceived limitations. If I am concerned about my age, resources or timing, I courageously affirm: My dreams are God-inspired. I seize the bold vision to manifest the life of my dreams.
I am bolstered by this affirmation as I align with the vibration of a higher vision. I open to unseen possibilities and joyously witness the unfoldment of my dreams.
Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, … For there is still a vision for the appointed time. Habakkuk 2:2, 3
Daily Word
Vibration of a Higher Vision

 Line and Feather

Human EvolutionChrist Consciousness and Humanity
As the work of your center begins to flourish in the early light of dawn, do not conceive of yourselves as being specially selected or somehow superior to others who are working elsewhere. Your center is the one appropriate for you perhaps. But the same truth can be experienced through different forms, and strict identification with any one form, however conducive to the Spirit, is merely an extension of ego. All awakening beings are equal in the sight of the Lord. All awakening organs in the body of Christ are equally essential to the work that is to be done. The more you are able to use form, without emphasizing it, the more powerful will be the impact of Spirit.
Understand that though you are the instruments of change, it is not you, in the individual sense, who are bringing change about. It is the Creator moving into your history, that brings change. As His being envelops your vibrational atmosphere, change will come, with or without the participation of any one group or any one individual. This is not to make light of the roles that groups and individuals will play. But do not fall under the spell of ego. Be simple in motivation and your actions will have far more significance.
From Chapter 9 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

ryder-cupField of Play
Ryder Cup
CHASKA, Minn. – There has been music blaring at the Hazeltine practice range, and guys walking around wearing American flag pants, singing on their way to No. 1.
Yep, here comes the Ryder Cup. The singular, distinct, nothing-like-it Ryder Cup.
They don’t sing and wear flag trousers at the Masters. The U.S. Open has no walk-up music on the range. There are no captains out there on the PGA Tour, fretting about what they’re going to say in their opening ceremony speech.
“I’ll be glad when that’s over,” Davis Love III said Wednesday, sounding as if he was talking about root canal. Words by a player’s brother 4,000 miles away don’t make a dent any other week.
The pressure is one of a kind. So is the pain at coming up short. So is nearly everything. “A totally different animal altogether,” European captain Darren Clarke called the Ryder Cup the other day. It is, for example, the one time every two years casual fans must relearn the difference between four-ball and foursomes. The first is best ball, the second is alternate shot. (P.S. The latter is where the U.S. got waxed 7-1 in 2014. The red, white and foursome blues).
But that’s part of the magic, right? Its uniqueness. The chance to see what happens when a most individual game is given over for three days to shared pressure, shared accountability, shared fate. All done for no pay, with the pride of a country – or a continent – the prize. Plus a 17-inch, four-pound trophy.
Read more and stay tuned . . .

Line and Feather

microphoneThe American Presidency

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