Be Aware

Ring True 4. . . Is Constant
Ring True
Be true. This is the essence of the spiritual life. The note of the spirit is sounded on the higher planes, and the knocks you receive in everyday life are to test you, whether you can ring true. To ring true you must always sound the note for God, or good, which is within you.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle
Ring True

 Line and Feather

Beneath the ClamorChrist Consciousness and Humanity
You are the means by which God loves Creation. You are the facilities for the emergence of the catalytic energies in the final stage of the creative process. You are high priests and priestesses, invested with the authority to perform the only real Mass, the Cosmic Mass of the World, in which Matter is lifted up lovingly into the Presence of God, and instilled with the power and the life of Spirit.
So be aware, child of light, of your own importance, not as an individual ego identity, but as a critical ingredient in the structure of all Creation. The things you do today, the things you do tomorrow, the things you do next week, have far greater significance than you suspect. Be conscious of what you do, for you are the seed, the origin of much that is to come. Through your actions today, vast worlds will be created and destroyed. Just as a telescope aimed at a distant star has only to move one tiny millimeter at the fulcrum in order to move many light years at the other end, so you too are at a place of beginning, with many effects on future worlds yet unborn. Be aware of this. Be aware of yourself. Be aware of your responsibility. Existence in these worlds of form is a wonderful privilege, too joyous for words, but it is a responsibility as well. You must begin to accept this responsibility or your freedom will continue to be curtailed as it is at this time.
From Chapter 7 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

toby-wilt-and-arnieField of Play
Arnold Palmer
Before accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004, Arnold Palmer shared a few laughs with President George W. Bush and gave the commander in chief a few golf tips in the East Room of the White House.
Eight years later, when honored with the Congressional Gold Medal, Palmer, who again offered golf tips to some of the most important politicians in the country, jokingly thanked the House and the Senate for being able to agree on something.
After receiving the highest civilian awards given in the United States, Palmer went outside each day, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the U.S. Capitol, and signed autographs for hundreds of people.
That was Palmer, a man who connected with the masses, who related to kids, the hourly wage employee, the CEO — and Presidents.
Read more . . .
Arnie in Nashville . . .

Line and Feather

POTUS SealThe American Presidency
The debates . . .
Five Timeless Lessons on Leadership
Forget all the latest leadership concepts and fads. Forget all the platitudes and parables, the laundry lists of attributes and qualities. Forget all the executive coaches, mentors, researchers, and inspirational gurus. Forget all the books and blogs.
Here are five (or six) timeless lessons I’ve excerpted. There’s a revelation or two, but there’s nothing like reading Heider’s book all the way through.
Knowing What Is Happening
Polarities, Paradoxes, and Puzzles
All the Answers
The Reward
Time for Reflection
Read more . . .
PS If you are looking for a scorecard to measure your response to the debates, this is a pretty good list!

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