Being and Form

Looking Back in Gratitude. . . Is Patient, Trusting In God’s Goodness And His Perfect Plan

The Outcome
We can speak so confidently about the outcome of all your human problems because we know that all human life is governed by divine law, perfect in its outworking. The purpose of that law is to draw all men and women, all the human family, into consciousness of God. Do not look backwards unless it is to say, ‘How beautiful is the path that I have traversed!’ Do not regret the past. You are moving forward, traveling life’s path to find happiness once again, and this time an enhanced happiness.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

Inherent Potential

 Line and Feather

Christ ConsciousnessChrist Consciousness and Humanity
The difference is that in the fallen state you are not aware of this process and therefore unable to participate in it consciously. By forfeiting your ability to oscillate in consciousness between the two realities in which you dwell, you are restricted to an awareness of just the tonal, just the material, conceptual world. You still receive your nourishment from the light of the nagual, but no longer directly, only through animals, plants and minerals. You are unconscious of being and conscious only of form.
How did you lose the ability to shift your awareness from deity to identity, from form to meta-form? How did you lose God-consciousness? How did you “fall” into the illusion of separation? I will tell you. It was through a simple lack of faith. It was through a loss of confidence in the absolute perfection of the universal design. This was brought about by the entry of a single factor into your existence: fear, the serpent in the Garden, the Devil in history. Through a subtle process of reasoning, this being encouraged you to move in a pattern of activity that has come to be called “Original Sin.” It was a pattern of activity that you were never designed to move in. With a clever and subtle lie, you were convinced to not exactly stop trusting in God, but to stop trusting exclusively in God. The moment you did this, your consciousness began to shift from God-centeredness to self-centeredness, and for the first time, you became more aware of your identity in form than of your identity in God. This shift in awareness was minimal at first, but enough to begin what was to become a long spiral downward through denser and denser levels of energy-bondage and restraint. For Satan, your tempter, is the materializing influence who in its right place is responsible for the bonding of energy in the creation of matter. As you began to focus more and more upon your identity in form, you began thinking in terms of defending that form with unnecessary and cumbersome ego structures. It became harder for you to avoid identifying with your experience. You began to carry over past patterns of behavioral response into new relationships. This made you less effective in those relationships because you were no longer fully present, no longer using the fullness of your potential. You were beginning to build up around yourself energized thought structures that imprisoned you. You were drawn by simple gravitational attraction, to those realms of space where energy was in the process of being bonded, where matter was being created. Particles of physical substance began to gather along the magnetic lines of your thought structures, and you began to identify with denser and denser levels of physical expression.
From Chapter 2 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

Children at PlayField of Play
Interesting examination about play on Wikipedia
There has been extensive research when it comes to the benefits of play amongst children, youth, and adolescence. Most commonly overlooked are the benefits of play for adults, more specifically, adults who spend a lot of time in the workplace. Many adults in North America are in the workforce and spend half of their waking hours in a workplace environment with little to no time for play. Play in this context refers to leisure-type activities with colleagues during lunch breaks or short breaks throughout the working day. Leisure activities could include, but are not limited to, different forms of physical sport activities, card games, board games, video games and interaction-based type video games, foosball, ping-pong, yoga, and boot-camp sessions.
Research shows that playing games may promote a persistent and optimistic motivational style and positive affect. Positive affect enhances people’s experiences, enjoyment, and sense of satisfaction derived from the activity, during their engagement with a certain task. While people are engaged in their work, positive affect increases the satisfaction they feel from the work, and this has also been shown to increase their creativity and improve their performance on problem-solving tasks as well as other tasks. The development of a persistent motivational style charged with positive affect may lead to lasting work success.
Studies show that work and play are mutually supportive. Employees need to experience the sense of newness, flow, discovery and liveliness that play provides. By doing this, it will provide the employee with the sense that they are integrated within the organization, and therefore they will feel and perform better. By incorporating play at work, it will also result in more productivity, creativity and innovation, higher job satisfaction, greater workplace morale, stronger or new social bonds, improved job performance, a decrease in staff turnover, absenteeism and stress. Decreased stress leads to less illness, which results in lower health care costs. Play at work may help employees function and cope when under stress, refresh body and mind, encourage teamwork, trigger creativity, and increase energy while preventing burnout.
Read more . . .

Line and Feather

federal-reserveThe American Presidency
The Federal Reserve
This report published in The Washington Post this morning.
Two years ago, top officials at the Federal Reserve mapped out a strategy for withdrawing the central bank’s unprecedented support for the American economy.
The official communiqué was titled “Policy Normalization Principles and Plans,” and it was supposed to serve as a rough outline for the tenure of newly installed Fed Chair Janet L. Yellen. Essentially, it consisted of two basic parts: Raise interest rates and shrink the central bank’s massive balance sheet.
But now, both of those steps are being called into question as Fed officials grapple with an economy that appears to be stuck in first gear. Instead of executing its exit strategy, the Fed is confronting the possibility that the dramatic measures it took to safeguard the recovery will remain in place indefinitely.
“Maybe this is one of those cases where you can’t go home again,” former Fed chairman Ben S. Bernanke wrote in a recent blog post arguing for a shift in course.
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