Good, Bad, Ugly

Spring WaterAll streams flow to the sea
because it is lower than they are.
Humility gives it its power.
If you want to govern the people,
you must place yourself below them.
If you want to lead the people,
you must learn how to follow them.
The Master is above the people,
and no one feels oppressed.
She goes ahead of the people,
and no one feels manipulated.
The whole world is grateful to her.
Because she competes with no one,
no one can compete with her.
Tao Te Ching v66
En Rapport

 Line and Feather

Be Still and ListenChrist Consciousness and Humanity
Do not continue to sleep, lest in dreaming you miss all that is taking place. If you hear these words now, and feel my peace as your thoughts begin to trouble you less, do not rush off right away in joy, but stay for a time where you are. Be still until you are empowered from on high. These first ripples you feel are just a hint of what is to come. When the Holy Spirit has fully touched you, you will know what I know, see what I see, and be what I am.
Await the fuller coming in your heart. Then when you speak, your words will have more significance because they will be in full accord with your vibrational pattern.
Few will listen to you preach a gospel of love if they sense the fear in your heart. Be still and be quiet. My spirit cannot come when minds are full. If this message cannot be verified by your own experience in this moment, it will do little good. My message is one of peace, harmony, wholeness. I am restoring you to a state of health you have not known since before the projection of physical vehicles. I am awakening the state of consciousness we once shared as one. I am offering you the gift of myself. I promise you that if you receive me, you will receive the totality of all that is as well, for I and the Father are one.
From Chapter 11 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

beatles-1966Field of Play
Not sure why the Beatles 1966 song Here, There and Everywhere started resonating a few days ago. This remastered version is excellent. If you are interested in reading more about the album Revolver on which it appeared. Both Wikipedia and You Tube represent their own fields of play.

Line and Feather

leadersThe American Presidency
15 Greatest Leaders of All Time
Not the list I would have come up with but worth pondering. I think I would relabel this list – The Good, Bad and Ugly.
The world changes every day. People are born and people die everything and yet, life goes on. But in this everyday normal things of life, sometimes, people who have a different flair and ability to influence a whole lot of other people are born. These are some gems because of their sheer presence and charisma and whether or not these people use their talent for good things has always been a nature vs nurture debate. But the world has seen many great leaders in all the parts of the world but some of the leaders have had not only an influence on their own countries but on the world. Now of course, such a list is always subjective. We take into consideration here, only the fact that these few were great leaders and not whether for good or bad. The 15 greatest leaders of all time –
Check out the list . . .


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