I am connected to God and all people.

All people share a connection. We breathe the same air; feel the warmth of the same sun; share life on the same planet. Our paths are connected in ways both seen and unseen. The food on my table may have come from a farm nearby, from across the country or from across the world. Similarly, new technology allows me to connect with loved ones or strangers faraway.

As humans we also share in feelings of happiness and sadness, peace and frustration. We are one in God, connected in Spirit.

Knowing we are one, I demonstrate empathy toward others. I am understanding, compassionate and willing to listen. Whatever I do, wherever I am, I am connected to God and all people.

Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20

Daily Word

Divine Law

 Line and Feather

Beautiful MusicChrist Consciousness and Humanity

As you work in this new way, each will hear the different notes of his or her own functional duty, and be dancing out the fulfillment of that particular obligation. On each of the primary channels, all melodies will have the same rhythm and base notes, and each channel will be in harmonic relationship with all the others. All around you all across the planet, joyful melodies will be sounding forth, all perfectly synchronized with each other, all playing together in an exquisitely balanced orchestration, a perfect symphony. This is the Creator’s love song to the planet Earth.

In this state of grace, no longer will you be compelled by the narrow dictates of your rational interpretations. No longer will you be held prisoner within the structure of your conceptions. You will be free to flow in joyful, rhythmic oscillation between your reality as the unmanifest totality of God, and your reality as His specific functional projection in form. Tapping directly into the informational systems of eternal Being, your species will usher the Earth into an age of unimaginable blessing and prosperity.

Coming Around Again

The blueprint for your true work here on Earth already exists within you. You do not have to be given instruction by anything outside yourself, not by this book, a book of old, not by any person, object or event. These things may be helpful at times, but your primary task is to awaken the living Christ in your heart. This is your true identity. Express God in all that you are, and throw away the crutches that have helped you stumble through history.

From Chapter 7 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

CuriosityField of Play

If we could approach all of life’s circumstances as the preschool child life would forever be a wonder. The magic ingredient is curiosity.

Children are such curious creatures. They explore, question, and wonder, and by doing so, learn. From the moment of birth, likely even before, humans are drawn to new things. When we are curious about something new, we want to explore it. And while exploring we discover. By turning the light switch on and off over and over again, the toddler is learning about cause and effect. By pouring water into a dozen different-shaped containers and on the floor and over clothes, the 4-year-old is learning pre-concepts of mass and volume. A child discovers the sweetness of chocolate, the bitterness of lemon, the heat of the radiator, and the cold of ice.

Read more . . .

Line and Feather

Fireside chatsThe American Presidency

Franklin Roosevelt delivered the following radio address on September 1st 1941.

On this day—this American holiday- we are celebrating the rights of free laboring men and women.

The preservation of these rights is vitally important now, not only to us who enjoy them—but to the whole future of Christian civilization.

American labor now bears a tremendous responsibility in the winning of this most brutal, most terrible of all wars.

In our factories and shops and arsenals we are building weapons on a scale great in its magnitude. To all the battle fronts of this world these weapons are being dispatched, by day and by night, over the seas and through the air. And this Nation is now devising and developing new weapons of unprecedented power toward the maintenance of democracy.

Why are we doing this? Why are we determined to devote our entire industrial effort to the prosecution of a war which has not yet actually touched our own shores?

We are not a warlike people. We have never sought glory as a Nation of warriors. We are not interested in aggression. We are not interested—as the dictators are—in looting. We do not covet one square inch of the territory of any other Nation.

Our vast effort, and the unity of purpose that inspires that effort, are due solely to our recognition of the fact that our fundamental rights- including the rights of labor—are threatened by Hitler’s violent attempt to rule the world.

Read more or listen to the address . . .

About David Mills

David is the Founder, Catalyst, and Co-creator of Workplace Hidden Opportunities. Workplace Hidden Opportunities is an information management Specialized Knowledge Platform™ (SKP™) focused exclusively on the workplace and corporate real estate. Together with the W100 a book by the same title is in progress.
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