Amazing Grace

Stillness. . .  Is A Tower Of Strength And Light

Men Look To You

Do not be beguiled by the attractions of materialism, or by the sorrows and anxieties which your karma brings. Have courage, for so many depend on you, your thoughts, your attitude; men are looking to you and unconsciously recognize in you a Light. They know you have something which is helpful and good. Keep the Light shining in your heart and mind, and remember the great privilege which has been given to you to help lead man onward and upward to the glorious Morning Star.

The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

There Is Nothing Your Holiness Cannot Do

 Line and Feather

Beneath the ClamorHeaven and Earth

It is important that you recognize the creative power of your thoughts, a power far beyond your knowledge. As long as you think negatively, Life will only allow you a token share of consciousness, lest you spread disease.

But the moment your thoughts are of Love and Life, the Lord will flood you with His own awareness and you will enjoy the wonder of His perception. You were born to share in His creative power. The stuff of which you are made is so charged with the ability to create that everything you touch comes to life; every thought, every identity, every image. You are the energizing force of the material plane, the bringer of life, the bestower of blessing and the sustainer of illusion. Through you, God is able to enter the very heart of Creation. Through you, God is revealed in material form.

You are both child of God and child of Matter. Yet you cannot serve both masters. Whatsoever you bind in consciousness will be bound in Matter, and whatsoever you bind in Matter will be bound in consciousness. You are the creator at this time of your own reality. If you would know the Creator of a greater reality, lay down your thoughts as you would a hoe after a day in the garden. The greater reality calls you now. You are required in its service. Your embryonic period is over, gestation is complete, the moment of birth, at hand.

From Chapter 6 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

Doping and HackingField of Play

Sports and Politics

Doping and Hacking

From The Economist 7.29.16

It has been a good few days for Russia’s dirty-tricks squad. On July 24th the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced it would not ban the Russian team as a whole from next month’s games in Rio de Janeiro, even though an investigation concluded that the country’s government had been running an extensive doping programme for athletes. Two days earlier WikiLeaks, a whistleblowing website, had published embarrassing e-mails from officials of the Democratic National Committee, which is meant to be neutral between Democrats, disparaging Bernie Sanders. Security experts determined the e-mails had been stolen by Russian government hackers.

Read more . . .

Line and Feather

POTUS SealThe American Presidency

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine return to the campaign trail after the week-long Democratic National Convention, while Donald Trump and Mike Pence continue their campaign following last week’s GOP event.

Read more . . .

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