PhantomsSuccess is as dangerous as failure.
Hope is as hollow as fear.
What does it mean that success is a dangerous as failure?
Whether you go up the ladder or down it,
you position is shaky.
When you stand with your two feet on the ground,
you will always keep your balance.
What does it mean that hope is as hollow as fear?
Hope and fear are both phantoms
that arise from thinking of the self.
When we don’t see the self as self,
what do we have to fear?
See the world as yourself.
Have faith in the way things are.
Love the world as yourself;
then you can care for all things.

Tao Te Ching v13

Hope and Fear Are Phantoms

 Line and Feather

Beyond EarthHeaven and Earth

In after times, you will come to think of the beginning of the Age of Discovery as your own real beginning. In a sense, this will be true, for it will indeed be the beginning of your coherent functioning as a unified physical organism independent of the mother planet. When the collectivity of your being considers its experience in the terms of an individual lifetime, you will think of all the years of your history up until The Coming shortly after the turn of the Second Millennium A.D., as being years of darkness, years spent in the womb. You will remember nothing about them. When, in maturity, you come to reflect upon the millennium that has been labeled the Period of Planetary Awakening, you will look upon these years as the years of your childhood, years of vehicular formation. You will remember a little about them.

What you will encounter, and what you will experience, in the third period, out among the galaxies as an awakened child of the stars, will be so awesome and so novel that there is nothing that I could say about it that would mean anything to you, except, perhaps, that it is all reflected rather crudely in some of your primitive mythologies.

The craft that you are to assemble during the coming millennium in preparation for this will not be dead like the materials you form today, but alive like tree, flower and wind. You will inspire them with the gift of your consciousness as the Father has inspired me and as I inspire you. Yet all will be one. All will live and breathe with the coherence of a single organism.

From Chapter 12 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

1927 YankeesField of Play

The Top Twenty Sports Teams

Pondering the commonality of their greatness . . .

Here is the list.

Line and Feather

Trumps Convention SpeechThe American Presidency

The Conventions

One down and one to go . . .

Long after we’ve forgotten Trump’s closing speech — that paean to self, that nightmare portrait of an America where the lights have gone out — we will remember the savagery just below the surface.

— Timothy Egan, in “Make America Hate Again”

Read more . . .

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