Winning and Succeeding

Empty SpacesWe join spokes together in a wheel,
but it is the center hole
that makes the wagon move.
We shape clay into a pot,
but it is the emptiness inside
that holds whatever we want.
We hammer wood for a house,
but it is the inner space
that makes it livable.
We work with being,
but non-being is what we use.

Tao Te Ching v11

What We Use

 Line and Feather

Road to EmmausHeaven and Earth

Christ is the single unified being whose consciousness all share. He is the being who sacrificed, for a time, his unified sense of identity, and cloaked himself in the matter of a planet that a species might share his life. He went to sleep to dream an evolutionary process that would leave him, upon awakening, clothed in a physical body comprised of many human cells.

Christ’s first coming was the first time since life appeared on Earth that the totality of consciousness woke up in the frame of a man. This was Jesus of Nazareth.

Through Jesus, Christ walked the Earth and began to prepare the human population. He taught the matter- bound humans of the Roman Empire to do the opposite of all their habitual inclinations; love your enemy, give away all your material possessions, be humble, and so forth. He taught people how to break every single one of the governing principles which Satan was at that time using to regulate the known world.

After Christ’s Ascension, his followers organized his teachings and the story of his life into a book. This book was written during a period of history when human beings had no science, no concept of evolution, no hologramatic theory, and no understanding of any but the most rudimentary facts of existence on this third planet from the star they call Sun. Nevertheless, it proved to be a living bombshell to the world governments that were in power at the time of its release. Satan knew that he had to give it his full treatment if it were not to totally destroy him. He knew that if people began acting on the information it contained, his influence would be ended. So he devised a clever scheme for using the very power of this information to prevent its actual application.

From Chapter 10 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

Essential WoodenField of Play

The difference between winning and succeeding . . .

With profound simplicity, Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves. In this inspiring talk he shares the advice he gave his players at UCLA, quotes poetry and remembers his father’s wisdom.

Watch the Ted 2001

Line and Feather

Master's GovernanceThe American Presidency

We arrive at the mid-point in the Republican Convention and anticipate the Democratic Convention commencing next Monday. I recalled last night one of my favorite verses from the Tao Te Ching written by Lao Tsu c.604 – 531 B.C.

Failure is an opportunity.
If you blame someone else,
there is no end to the blame.
Therefore the Master
fulfills her own obligations
and corrects her own mistakes.
She does what she needs to do
and demands nothing of others.



About David Mills

David is the Founder, Catalyst, and Co-creator of Workplace Hidden Opportunities. Workplace Hidden Opportunities is an information management Specialized Knowledge Platform™ (SKP™) focused exclusively on the workplace and corporate real estate. Together with the W100 a book by the same title is in progress.
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