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Beyond the Universe. . . Is Calm, Quiet And Steady

Sometimes you come up against a problem that seems quite insoluble by the mind or indeed by any material means. On such occasions surrender in true humility to the Great White Spirit. Give yourself into the hands of the Spirit; know that where man fails the power of God will never fail.

The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle


 Line and Feather

Heaven and Earth

IslandsAs you reorient toward the new way of being in the world, you will be drawn to centers where the vibrational atmosphere is more conducive to a healthy state of function. These centers will represent the focal points around which the organs of Planetary Being will form. They will be, in a sense, islands of the future in a sea of the past. Within their vibrational field, the New Age will blossom and spread organically to cover the Earth. These will be the first beachheads secured by the approaching forces, the points of entry through which the healing energies of transformation will be channeled. All of these centers will work together to prepare the human species for its collective awakening.

Some of these centers will have a specific orientation and emphasis. Others will be more eclectic and universal. But all of those that are truly of the new will be united in the spirit of incoming Life. In each of these centers, whatever the indigenous form happens to be, the presence of conscious Life will provide an environment in which sincere individuals seeking to undergo the psychological process and participate in the work of the Lord, can make whatever adjustments need to be made, becoming firmly grounded in the ways of the Spirit.

Many such places exist at this time. Many more will arise during the remaining decades of this transitional period. By the time the next generation reaches maturity, there will be a widespread network of these islands. It will be commonplace by this time for individuals to pass the whole of their existence within a framework of these communities. The coming age is not to be an extension of the individual attitude. During the process of transition, many will find that it helps to be around others who have made or are making the necessary vibrational adjustments. An environment of understanding enfoldment can greatly accelerate the process.

From Chapter 9 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

Babe RuthField of Play


The dual role of player–manager was formerly a common practice, dating back to John Clapp, who performed the task for the Middletown Mansfields in 1872. One reason for this is that by hiring a player as a manager, the team could save money by paying only one salary. Also, popular players were named player–managers in an effort to boost game attendance. Babe Ruth left the New York Yankees when they refused to allow him to become player–manager. Five of the eight National League (NL) managers in 1934 were also players. Connie Mack, John McGraw, and Joe Torre, among the all-time leaders in managerial wins, made their managerial debuts as player–managers.  At least one man served as a player-manager in every major league season from Clapp’s debut through 1955.

Today, player–managers have become rare in baseball. Pete Rose is the most recent player–manager, serving from 1984 through 1986 with the Cincinnati Reds. Whereas some player–managers, such as Lou Boudreau, were full-time players as player–managers, by the time Rose became player–manager, he was a part-time player.  Rose was trying to prolong his career to break the all-time hit record set by Ty Cobb, and Reds owner Marge Schott used this as a marketing ploy. Rose removed himself from the 40-man roster after the 1986 season to make room for Pat Pacillo, unofficially retiring as a player, but remained as the Reds manager until he was banned from baseball following the release of the Dowd Report in 1989.

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Line and Feather

Trump RNC Day 1The American Presidency

Republican National Convention Day One – A New York Times Perspective

Thunderstorms passed over Cleveland early Monday morning, but they reappeared Monday night inside Quicken Loans Arena, where the first night of Donald J. Trump’s coronation struck a dark and foreboding tone unmatched by any convention in recent history. Our takeaways:

Read more . . .

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