Illusion and TruthAbove all else I want to see.

Today’s idea expresses something stronger than mere determination. It gives vision priority among your desires. You may feel hesitant about using the idea, on the grounds that you are not sure you really mean it. This does not matter. The purpose of today’s exercises is to bring the time when the idea will be wholly true a little nearer. . .

A Course In Miracles ~ 27


 Line and Feather

Christ ConsciousnessHeaven and Earth

In the fallen state of consciousness, each human being functions in disregard of the song of Life that is going on in others. There is no harmony, no direction, no arrangement. You are like the random notes of an orchestra before the conductor unifies the instruments in symphony. The Grand Conductor is calling everyone to attention, calling now to remembrance of unity and purpose, reminding all that the time has come to stop tuning separate instruments and begin to accept the direction of One who understands the whole.

As you begin to pay attention to the direction of the Conductor within, you will begin to play to the rhythm of the Planetary Symphony, harmonizing with the others of your species and with all life. No longer will you think of yourself as being more or less important than anyone else. You will stop identifying with individual form and begin identifying with the collectivity of your being, the Spirit of Christ. Christ is the name that is given to Man once he has awakened out of the shadow of Matter. Christ is the name of the single, unified being that is the totality of collective human consciousness. Identification with Christ is the key to the time that lies before you.

From Chapter 8 Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

Bagger VanceField of Play

A wonderful movie with some beautiful insights on coaching . . .

During the Great Depression, Georgia socialite Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron) announces a publicity-garnering high-stakes match at her struggling family golf course, featuring the greatest golfers of the era. Once-promising local golfer Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon), whose career and life were derailed by World War I, is brought in to play alongside the stars, but his game is weak — until the enigmatic Bagger Vance (Will Smith) offers to coach him back into the great golfer he once was.

Bagger Vance

Line and Feather

Conventions 2The American Presidency

Well . . . it’s finally here the Republican Convention and next week the Democratic convention.

Tomorrow, the Republican National Convention kicks off in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s an occasion for which you’ll want to be spiritually and intellectually prepared. To that end, we’ve assembled some of our best recent pieces on the G.O.P. and its presumptive nominee. Evan Osnos and George Saunders travelled across the country to attend rallies for Donald Trump; they introduce us to the voters who love him, respect him, or see in him reflections of their own values. In other pieces, George Packer, Ryan Lizza, Elizabeth Kolbert, and Jill Lepore explore the long-term trends, such as redistricting, polarization, and the rise of digital media, that have brought the Republicans to this precipice. And, in another piece, Lepore looks to the history of contested Conventions to answer the question on many people’s minds: is there any real chance that the Republicans will choose another nominee at the last possible moment? Historians will be spending the next few decades trying to understand this election—but that doesn’t mean we can’t start now. David Remnick

Read more . . .

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