Unintended Consequences

Trust. . . Is Tolerant

Respect Your Brother

The true Light is a gentle love which , rising in you, causes you to look on the world with understanding and compassion and respect. When you respect the soul of your brother man you respect his life in every way. This gentle spirit, this respect for another, must come. For this is the generation of the one true Light, and this true Light is that of Love.

The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle


Line and Feather

RenewalHeaven and Earth


A more rapid approach would have made your species grow too quickly and split with inner weakness as a fruit tree splits that has been grown in soil with excessive fertility. A more rapid approach would have left you with cells that may have been prone to every illness that might be encountered on your travels. While you dreamt you were more than one, you grew this species with care. You saw that they were inoculated to dangers that might befall those inexperienced in physical expression. There are presently four and one half billion of them, my Lord, each a holoid with inactivated physical circuitry identical to the energy networks in your vibrational field. This present civilization….only you can cure.

Read more . . . The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey

Line and Feather

Light of the World 3Field of Play

Why Concern Leads To Results

“Worry” is fretting about the future. “Concern” is figuring out future solutions. When you are “concerned,” you’re going to analyze and determine where and how to improve. If you are “worried,” you’re just fretting that things won’t turn out right regardless of what you do— wringing your hands and imagining bad things. “Concern” leads to results; “worry” results in losing a good night’s sleep. I lost very little sleep fretting; I didn’t mind losing sleep figuring out solutions.

The Essential Wooden, John Wooden and Steve Jamison

Line and Feather

Unintended ConsequencesThe American Presidency

Brexit as an in the moment guide to U.S. Presidential decision making – among other things.

A friend once said, ‘I have learned all I can afford to through direct experience. I am too old not to learn vicariously through actions of others.’

Or in the words of Quincy Jones’ classic song The Dude ‘Don’t let your mouth write a check that your body can’t cash.’  (Crank the headphones!)

Most of us are aware of the natural law of cause and effect. Few us live in mindful awareness of its derivative axiom, the law of unintended consequences.

‘We are embarrassingly unaware of how divided our societies are, and Brexit grew out of a deep, unexamined divide between those that fear globalization and those that embrace it,’ says social scientist Alexander Betts. ‘How do we now address that fear as well as growing disillusionment with the political establishment, while refusing to give in to xenophobia and nationalism?’

Join Betts as he discusses four post-Brexit steps toward a more inclusive world in this Tedx talk.

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