Your Thoughts Your Attitude

StillnessIn the beginning was the Tao.
All things issue from it;
all things return to it.
To find the origin,
trace back the manifestations.
When you recognize the children
and find the mother,
you will be free of sorrow.
If you close your mind in judgements
and traffic with desires,
your heart will be troubled.
If you keep your mind from judging
and aren’t led by the senses,
your heart will find peace.
Seeing into darkness is clarity.
Knowing how to yield is strength.
Use your own light
and return to the source of light.
This is called practicing eternity.
Tao Te Ching v52

Line and Feather

Change the worldImagination
The power of imagination is the power to create change in my world.
The power of imagination allows me to see beyond appearances. As I tune in to Divine Mind through daily prayer, I open myself to ideas. They may come in visions, dreams, or gentle whispers within. As they arise, I perceive the world and my life in their true perfection.
Through the power of imagination I envision peace and harmony among individuals and nations. I affirm prosperity and abundance in all homes and hearts. Divine Mind shows me the way. I take action to manifest my dreams.
I invite the Universe to surprise me with possibilities. Inspired by Spirit, I am free to be creative. I make the best use of my time and resources.
Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, to his faithful, to those who turn to him in their hearts.—Psalm 85:8
Daily Word

Line and Feather

PerceptionToday’s review covers these ideas:
(6) I am upset because I see what is not there.
Reality is never frightening. It is impossible that it could upset me. Reality brings only perfect peace. When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up. The illusions are upsetting because I have given them reality, and thus regard reality as an illusion. Nothing in God’s creation is affected in any way by this confusion of mine. I am always upset by nothing.
(7) I see only the past.
As I look about, I condemn the world I look upon. I call this seeing. I hold the past against everyone and everything, making them my enemies. When I have forgiven myself and remembered Who I am, I will bless everyone and everything I see. There will be no past, and therefore no enemies. And I will look with love on all that I failed to see before.
(8) My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.
I see only my own thoughts, and my mind is preoccupied with the past. What, then, can I see as it is? Let me remember that I look on the past to prevent the present from dawning on my mind. Let me understand that I am trying to use time against God. Let me learn to give the past away, realizing that in so doing I am giving up nothing.
(9) I see nothing as it is now.
If I see nothing as it is now, it can truly be said that I see nothing. I can see only what is now. The choice is not whether to see the past or the present; the choice is merely whether to see or not. What I have chosen to see has cost me vision. Now I would choose again, that I may see.
(10) My thoughts do not mean anything.
I have no private thoughts. Yet it is only private thoughts of which I am aware. What can these thoughts mean? They do not exist, and so they mean nothing. Yet my mind is part of creation and part of its Creator. Would I not rather join the thinking of the universe than to obscure all that is really mine with my pitiful and meaningless “private” thoughts?
A Course In Miracles ~ 52

Line and Feather

God's Plan for Salvation. . . Is a Tower Of Strength And Light
Men Look To You
Do not be beguiled by the attraction of materialism, or by the sorrows and anxieties which your karma brings. Have courage, for so many depend on you, your thoughts, your attitude; men are looking to you and unconsciously recognize in you a Light. They know that you have something which is helpful and good. Keep the Light shining in your heart and mind, and remember the great privilege which has been given to you to help lead man onward and upward to the glorious Morning Star.
The Quiet Mind – Saying of White Eagle

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