Beyond Is And Is Not

SunriseThe Master keeps her mind
always at one with the Tao;
that is what gives her her radiance.
The Tao is ungraspable.
How can her mind be at one with it?
Because she doesn’t cling to ideas.
The Tao is dark and unfathomable.
How can it make her radiant?
Because she lets it.
Since before time and space were,
the Tao is.
It is beyond is and is not.
How do I know this is true?
I look inside myself and see.
Tao Te Ching v21

Line and Feather

True and lasting joy arises from the Christ within me.
Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore once wrote, “True and lasting joy arises from within.” I take his words to heart and realize the importance of my spiritual practice—my time in quiet meditation. In this inner sanctuary I am replenished, comforted, guided, and lifted up in Spirit to know joy.
Although I enjoy outer activities, people, and events, my true source of everlasting joy is my spiritual nature—the Christ in me. The unchanging source of joy in my life is Spirit.
I feel a sense of peace and bliss when I am consciously aware of this sacred presence. I am blessed to intimately know my source of joy, and I let it flow freely in my life. True and lasting joy arises from the Christ within me.
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.—Romans 15:13
Daily Word

Line and Feather

Forgiveness 9I am determined to see things differently.
The idea for today is obviously a continuation and extension of the preceding one. This time, however, specific mind-searching periods are necessary, in addition to applying the idea to particular situations as they may arise. Five practice periods are urged, allowing a full minute for each.
In the practice periods, begin by repeating the idea to yourself. Then close your eyes and search your mind carefully for situations past, present or anticipated that arouse anger in you. The anger may take the form of any reaction ranging from mild irritation to rage. The degree of the emotion you experience does not matter. You will become increasingly aware that a slight twinge of annoyance is nothing but a veil drawn over intense fury.
Try, therefore, not to let the “little” thoughts of anger escape you in the practice periods. Remember that you do not really recognize what arouses anger in you, and nothing that you believe in this connection means anything. You will probably be tempted to dwell more on some situations or persons than on others, on the fallacious grounds that they are more “obvious.” This is not so. It is merely an example of the belief that some forms of attack are more justified than others.
As you search your mind for all the forms in which attack thoughts present themselves, hold each one in mind while you tell yourself:
I am determined to see ________ [name of person] differently.
I am determined to see ________ [specify the situation] differently.
Try to be as specific as possible. You may, for example, focus your anger on a particular attribute of a particular person, believing that the anger is limited to this aspect. If your perception is suffering from this form of distortion, say:
I am determined to see ________ [specify the attribute] in
________ [name of person] differently.
A Course In Miracles ~ 21

Line and Feather

Free. . . Is Strong To Serve
When Love Touches Your Heart
To serve adequately, the soul must make sacrifices. There must be sacrifice of desire and of self. Your Master demonstrated this, even to sacrifice of life itself. There is no true service without sacrifice. You may shrink from it, brothers, but you cannot alter the law of life. But, when love possesses your heart, all service, all giving, brings such joy that there is no sacrifice.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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