Provisional and Eternal

Abundance ConsciousnessThe Tao can’t be perceived.
Smaller than an electron,
it contains uncountable galaxies.
If powerful men and women
could remain centered in the Tao,
all things would be in harmony.
The world would become a paradise.
All people would be at peace,
and the law would be written in their hearts.
When you have names and forms,
know that they are provisional.
When you have institutions,
know where their functions should end.
Knowing when to stop,
you can avoid any danger.
All things end in the Tao
as rivers flow into the sea.
Tao Te Ching v32

Line and Feather

RenewalFresh Start
I behold and delight in a fresh start.
The new year stretches before me like a blank canvas. What kind of life will I paint this year? I choose the brushes of service and relationship—those that feel most natural and meaningful to me. I select colors that stir my soul as I prepare to paint a new picture of my life. What palette best reflects my spirit and intentions? Bright, vibrant tones or understated, earthy ones? I choose accordingly.
I pause before the blank canvas of my life until I feel guided to create. Once nudged in a particular direction, my creativity comes alive, and I begin my masterpiece, each movement carefully selected with the Master Creator’s direction. I behold and delight in the fresh start Spirit inspires in me.
This month shall mark for you the beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year for you.—Exodus 12:2
Daily Word

Line and Feather

See Differently 4Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window,
in this place] means anything.
Now look slowly around you, and practice applying this idea very specifically to whatever you see:
This table does not mean anything.
This chair does not mean anything.
This hand does not mean anything.
This foot does not mean anything.
This pen does not mean anything.
Then look farther away from your immediate area, and apply the idea to a wider range:
That door does not mean anything.
That body does not mean anything.
That lamp does not mean anything.
That sign does not mean anything.
That shadow does not mean anything.
Notice that these statements are not arranged in any order, and make no allowance for differences in the kinds of things to which they are applied. That is the purpose of the exercise. The statement should merely be applied to anything you see. As you practice the idea for the day, use it totally indiscriminately. Do not attempt to apply it to everything you see, for these exercises should not become ritualistic. Only be sure that nothing you see is specifically excluded. One thing is like another as far as the application of the idea is concerned.

Each of the first three lessons should not be done more than twice a day each, preferably morning and evening. Nor should they be attempted for more than a minute or so, unless that entails a sense of hurry. A comfortable sense of leisure is essential.
A Course In Miracles ~1

Line and Feather

Awakening 2. . . Is Strong To Serve
To Heal The Whole World
Behind you is a power beyond your comprehension; God only waits for His children to be willing to be a channel; He only waits for you to serve, know that you are nothing. May the channel open wide and the light flood through! By your mental direction it can go forth to heal the nations, to heal the whole world.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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