Ease, Confidence, Grace

The Little Drummer BoyHe who stands on tiptoe
doesn’t stand firm.
He who rushes ahead
doesn’t go far.
He who tries to shine
dims his own light.
He who defines himself
can’t know who he really is.
He who has power over others
can’t empower himself.
He who clings to his work
will create nothing that endures.
If you want to accord with the Tao,
just do your job, then let go.
Tao Te Ching v24

Line and Feather

I am a child of God enfolded in God’s love.
Whatever whirl of activity may spin around me, I am safe. Whatever the situation, I am not alone. I am divinely protected by God. This loving Presence holds me safe and secure and gives me the strength and guidance I need to live with ease, confidence, and grace.
Just as Jesus was born so long ago wrapped in cloths and laid in a manger to keep him safe, I am enfolded in love and safely secured. At the core of my being is the steady awareness of my value as a child of God.
I am assured that my divine parent cares for me and guides me to what is best. I put my trust in this awareness and know that all is well. I am protected.
She gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger.—Luke 2:7
Daily Word

Line and Feather

Protected 3My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today
Have but one purpose; to be given Christ
To use to bless the world with miracles.
Father, I give all that is mine today to Christ, to use in any way that best will serve the purpose that I share with Him. Nothing is mine alone, for He and I have joined in purpose. Thus has learning come almost to its appointed end. A while I work with Him to serve His purpose. Then I lose myself in my Identity, and recognize that Christ is but my Self.
A Course In Miracles ~ 353

Line and Feather

I Will There Be Light 2. . . Is Calm, Quiet And Steady
Eternity Is Now
Learn that eternity is now, the future is now. There is no past or present of future as separate periods of time – all is within the soul’s embrace now. It is your reaction to the now which is your future. Never look into the future and anticipate this, that, or the other, for to do so is to live in fear. Live today with God and your future can hold nothing but joy.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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David is the Founder, Catalyst, and Co-creator of Workplace Hidden Opportunities. Workplace Hidden Opportunities is an information management Specialized Knowledge Platform™ (SKP™) focused exclusively on the workplace and corporate real estate. Together with the W100 a book by the same title is in progress.
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