Wider Vision and Positive Example

At EaseIf a country is governed with tolerance,
the people are comfortable and honest.
If a country is governed with repression,
the people are depressed and crafty.
When the will to power is in charge,
the higher the ideals, the lower the results.
Try to make people happy,
and you lay the groundwork for misery.
Try to make people moral,
and you lay the groundwork for vice.
Thus the Master is content
to serve as an example
and not to impose her will.
She is pointed, but doesn’t pierce.
Straightforward, but supple.
Radiant, but easy on the eyes.
Tao Te Ching v58

Line and Feather

Miracles are Seen in the LightPositivity
I start the day with positivity.
Robert Frost said he started the day by making his bed and while doing so, he would make up his mind as to what kind of day he was going to have.
During my morning routine, I take time to delight in the joys showing up as a result of my positive attitude.
While washing my face, I let go of anxious thoughts, allowing the water to wash them away. As I eat breakfast, I reflect on the nourishment I take in and how I can nourish others with my thoughts, words, and deeds. Getting dressed, I clothe myself in affirmations such as: I am an inspiring presence of peace and kindness. By the time I engage in the day’s activity, I have set a tone of positivity that permeates my being and experiences.
You make the gateways of the morning and the evening shout for joy.—Psalm 65:8
Daily Word

Line and Feather

Healing 7The gift of Christ is all I seek today.
What but Christ’s vision would I use today, when it can offer me a day in which I see a world so like to Heaven that an ancient memory returns to me? Today I can forget the world I made. Today I can go past all fear, and be restored to love and holiness and peace. Today I am redeemed, and born anew into a world of mercy and of care; of loving kindness and the peace of God.
And so, our Father, we return to You, remembering we never went away; remembering Your holy gifts to us. In gratitude and thankfulness we come, with empty hands and open hearts and minds, asking but what You give. We cannot make an offering sufficient for Your Son. But in Your Love the gift of Christ is his.
A Course In Miracles ~ 306

Line and Feather

Above the Mist 2. . . Is Constant
The Wider Vision
Such a glorious opportunity stretches before each one of you. The trivialities of every day, the disappointments and the petty annoyances and the hurts which you allow yourselves to receive from daily life, are all very small; but you yourselves allow them to seem very big. Let them recede, concentrate your whole being upon the love of God. Be His child! Surrender your self-will to the divine will.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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