Perfect Participation

Center of the Circle 4Throw away holiness and wisdom,
and people will be a hundred times happier.
Throw away morality and justice,
and people will do the right thing.
Throw away industry and profit,
and there won’t be any thieves.
If these three aren’t enough,
just stay at the center of the circle
and let all things take their course.
Tao Te Ching v9

Line and Feather

Surrounded in LoveParticipate
I live life to its fullest.
Every party, meeting, or event provides an opportunity to express divine love. I prepare by acknowledging the presence of God in those I will meet. When I arrive, love shines in and through me as I honor the divinity in all. I am patient, kind, respectful, and lighthearted.
The activity of Spirit in me—love—pulses through me. This constant circulation of energy acts as a magnet and draws love to me. I participate in life with an open heart and see the best in family, friends, and coworkers. I may say silently or aloud: Namaste. The love in me greets the love in you.
My enjoyment of giving and receiving love leads me to participate in living life to its fullest. I revel in the power of divine love.
Let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God.—1 John 4:7
Daily Word

Line and Feather

Divine SelfMy holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.
Father, You gave me all Your Sons, to be my saviors and my counselors in sight; the bearers of Your holy Voice to me. In them are You reflected, and in them does Christ look back upon me from my Self. Let not Your Son forget Your holy Name. Let not Your Son forget his holy Source. Let not Your Son forget his Name is Yours.
This day we enter into Paradise, calling upon God’s Name and on our own, acknowledging our Self in each of us; united in the holy Love of God. How many saviors God has given us! How can we lose the way to Him, when He has filled the world with those who point to Him, and given us the sight to look on them?
A Course In Miracles ~ 266

Line and Feather

Plotsky Black Birds 002. . . Bears No Resentment
When You Are Ready
Learn to bow to the will of God, remember that there is an acceptable time of the Lord. God is infinitely wiser than His children, and His plan is perfect; His purpose for your life is spiritual growth and spiritual unfoldment. When you are ready, that which prepared will be placed before you.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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