Perfect Balance

Judgement and LoveAs it acts in the world, the Tao
is like the bending of a bow.
The top is bent downward;
the bottom is bent up.
It adjusts excess and deficiency
so that there is perfect balance.
It takes from what is too much
and give to what isn’t enough.
Those who try to control,
who use force to protect their power,
go against the direction of the Tao.
They take from those who don’t have enough
and give to those who have far too much.
The Master can keep giving
because there is no end to her wealth.
She acts without expectation,
succeeds without taking credit,
and doesn’t think that she is better
than anyone else.
Tao Te Ching v77

Line and Feather

Sanctuary of My SoulComfort
I am immersed in God’s comforting love.
In times of sadness or sorrow, I may turn to familiar sources of comfort: favorite foods, loving friends, or a gift for myself. While these offer temporary release from pain, for long-lasting comfort, I turn to God.
I settle in to the comforting love of God and quietly release my concerns. In the Silence, I return to the Truth—God’s desire for my life is always the highest and best.
I close my eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and feel the presence of Spirit. My heart is filled with the warmth of God’s love. Any concerns I may have dissipate, and my faith is restored. I am immersed in the comfort of Spirit. I rest secure in the knowledge that I am valued, guided, and protected.
And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, to be with you forever.—John 14:16
Daily Word

Line and Feather

Tao Te Ching 2Today I will judge nothing that occurs.
I will be honest with myself today. I will not think that I already know what must remain beyond my present grasp. I will not think I understand the whole from bits of my perception, which are all that I can see. Today I recognize that this is so. And so I am relieved of judgments that I cannot make. Thus do I free myself and what I look upon, to be in peace as God created us.
Father, today I leave creation free to be itself. I honor all its parts, in which I am included. We are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must shine in all of us as one.
A Course In Miracles ~ 243

Line and Feather

Spiritual Center. . . Is A Tower Of Strength And Light
Your Greater Self
When the will to become Christlike grows strong in the heart, it causes an opening in the consciousness for the greater self to descend into the physical body. You think that your physical body is you, but it is only an infinitesimal part of you. If you would contact your true self, go into a place of quiet to commune with your Creator in your heart. Then you will rise in consciousness. That great light to which you rise, is, you will find, the divine man – you, yourself, your own divinity, the real you. By opening your consciousness to this divine self you whole vibrations will be quickened and your body will become purified.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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