Nothing Is Impossible

Soft Overcomes HardFor governing a country well
there is nothing better than moderation.
The mark of a moderate man
is freedom from his own ideas.
Tolerant like the sky,
all-pervading like sunlight,
firm like a mountain,
supple like a tree in the wind,
he has no destination in view
and makes use of anything
life happens to bring his way.
Nothing is impossible for him.
Because he has let go,
he can care for the people’s welfare
as a mother cares for her child.
Tao Te Ching v59

Line and Feather

Brotherly LoveFriendship
My blessings multiply through true kinship and love.
The philosopher Cicero wrote, “Friend-ship makes prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.”
When an exciting event happens, whether the birth of a baby, a successful project, or a wedding engagement, sharing my good news with loved ones increases my joy exponentially. Similarly, my life is deeply enriched when I spend time with friends cooking, traveling, exploring nature, or appreciating art.
When challenges arise, sharing my feelings or remembering the brighter side of life with a trusted friend can significantly lighten my heart. My soul is nourished by my friendships, and my joy is multiplied by the blessings of true kinship and love.
May your friends be like the sun as it rises in its might.—Judges 5:31
Daily Word

Line and Feather

The following ideas are for review today:

Unconditional LoveGod goes with me wherever I go.
How can I be alone when God always goes with me? How can I be doubtful and unsure of myself when perfect certainty abides in Him? How can I be disturbed by anything when He rests in me in absolute peace? How can I suffer when love and joy surround me through Him? Let me not cherish illusions about myself. I am perfect because God goes with me wherever I go.

God is the Mind with which I ThinkGod is my strength. Vision is His gift.
Let me not look to my own eyes to see today. Let me be willing to exchange my pitiful illusion of seeing for the vision that is given by God. Christ’s vision is His gift, and He has given it to me. Let me call upon this gift today, so that this day may help me to understand eternity.

God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.
I can see what God wants me to see. I cannot see anything else. Beyond His Will lie only illusions. It is these I choose when I think I can see apart from Him. It is these I choose when I try to see through the body’s eyes. Yet the vision of Christ has been given me to replace them. It is through this vision that I choose to see.

Determined to See 2God is the light in which I see.
I cannot see in darkness. God is the only light. Therefore, if I am to see, it must be through Him. I have tried to define what seeing is, and I have been wrong. Now it is given me to understand that God is the light in which I see. Let me welcome vision and the happy world it will show me.

God is the Mind with which I think.
I have no thoughts I do not share with God. I have no thoughts apart from Him, because I have no mind apart from His. As part of His Mind, my thoughts are His and His Thoughts are mine.
A Course In Miracles ~ 59

Line and Feather

Realease with Forgiveness. . . Is Strong To Serve
Help From Above
You will receive help as you ask, not with your mind, but in the depths of your being, quietly. Pray to the God within you for help, and you need have no fear a all about your power to accomplish your given work.
The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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