Wise Love

Flow of LifeNothing in the world
is as soft and yielding as water.
Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,
nothing can surpass it.
The soft overcomes the hard;
the gentle overcomes the rigid.
Everyone knows this is true,
but few can put it into practice.
Therefore the Master remains
serene in the midst of sorrow.
Evil cannot enter his heart.
Because he has given up helping,
he is people’s greatest help.
True words seem paradoxical.
Tao Te Ching v78

Line and Feather

It is my nature to love.
The love of God flows through my heart to the hearts of others. When I am a conduit for love, I recognize the divinity in all beings. I honor their lives and want only the best for them.
Following Jesus’ teaching to love one another is easy when I cherish people dear to me. However, I am also called to appreciate those who are different from me, and even those who hurt or offend me. Loving as Jesus loved means to accept all people as expressions of Spirit, regardless of their actions, choices, or abilities. They are the beloved of God.
Love lives in me. It flows from Spirit and I share it with others. As I love, I am fully alive. I love because it is my nature to love.
I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you. John 13:34
Daily Word

Line and Feather

Light in your HeartPeace be to me, the holy Son of God.
Peace to my brother, who is one with me.
Let all the world be blessed with peace through us.
Father, it is Your peace that I would give, receiving it of You. I am Your Son, forever just as You created me, for the Great Rays remain forever still and undisturbed within me. I would reach to them in silence and in certainty, for nowhere else can certainty be found. Peace be to me, and peace to all the world. In holiness were we created, and in holiness do we remain. Your Son is like to You in perfect sinlessness. And with this thought we gladly say “Amen.”
A Course In Miracles ~ 360

Line and Feather

Salvation Comes From Me. . . Is Gentle, Loving, Kind
Wise Love
The Master takes notice of your every effort to perfect the nature of love . . . He understands your failures and your triumphs, and continues to pour His love upon you. If He, who is so beautiful, so great in spirit, can continue to love you, in spite of all, is it so hard for you to give your little love to your brother man, and all living things? But there is much to learn in the lesson of brotherhood; hear in mind that love divorced from wisdom is no longer love. You must learn to distinguish between true, impartial and compassionate love, and emotionalism, which will sweep you off your feet and destroy love. To love is to give the highest and truest within you to your brother; to love is to give the Light from your own soul, the White Light of Christ. This is love.

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David is the Founder, Catalyst, and Co-creator of Workplace Hidden Opportunities. Workplace Hidden Opportunities is an information management Specialized Knowledge Platform™ (SKP™) focused exclusively on the workplace and corporate real estate. Together with the W100 a book by the same title is in progress.
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