How Do You Want Life To Be?

Craig Wetter is a recently connected friend and colleague. I know this sharing of his will be a blessing to you and those you share it with. In responding to his ‘gift’ I commented, ‘This is the most crisply articulated and elegant version of a personal compass I have ever read.’

Hold on to the Center

I’m more and more convinced that’s one of the most important questions we should answer for ourselves in this life. A survey of current knowledge, ranging from Quantum Physics to Behavioral Psychology to the ancient writings of spiritual sages, the assessment is consistent: we create our reality with our thoughts and we create our future with our imagination.

We get a mixed bag of results in life, because our thoughts are scattered across on a mixed bag of things. We think and talk about things we like (want more of) and things that we don’t like (want less of). If I’m not paying attention, my speech and thoughts can be dominated by things I want less of, not more of. And it seems that I can tell you in vivid detail what I don’t want but can only directionally tell you want I do want. And, friends, that is ass backwards!

So, in late January 2013, I decided to answer the question; how do I want life to be? I wanted to paint a clear picture to myself of how I wanted my experience in this life to be. My vote counts! In fact, I get to cast the deciding ballet. When I set the intention to answer this question, I distinctly remember saying to myself, “If this is my Illusion, then it’s going to be damn good one!”

So, I rolled up my sleeves and made some lists. I made five lists on various topics: Vocation, Marriage, Health, Financial & Material Abundance and My Character. A year I added one called Just for Fun. When I read these lists, I want to scream out, “YES! That’s it!” They really do paint the picture for me of what I want. I read them regularly and tweak them occasionally. They are the source of many an awesome visualization!

I believe it was a Defining Moment in my life when I made these lists. After I wrote them, I made a commitment to only think about and talk about things I wanted, not things I didn’t want. And, life has been nothing short of magical ever since. (The illustrations were added here)

Here are my lists. It’s my hope that you are inspired to create the life you really want. Answer the question. How do you want life to be?

My Lists — I Want All of This or Better! —

• It is blissful to me
• Full of excitement
• Feels more like play then work
• Can’t wait to do it
• Creative outlet for me
• Interact with fun, happy people that want to be there
• Problems feel like exciting challenges
• Pays great. > $200k per year
• Lots of free time to pursue travel and other hobbies
• I’m considered a subject matter expert and people seek me out
• It blesses other people
• It’s fun!
• Soft retirement – keep making money, but work less hours
• I get to see Anella every day!

Seek First the KingdomMarriage
• Peacefulness abounds
• We are best friends and it shows
• We share great fun and adventure
• Lots of expressions of love, romance and intimacy
• We have a true partnership
• We serve and bless others together
• We grow old together – gracefully!
• Lots of travel to fun places
• We face challenges together
• Relationship is laid back, easy and natural
• We are open and honest with each.
• Life long companions … and beyond!
• We truly enjoy each other
• Almost constant spiritual conversations
• Our dreams come true together
• A spirit of gratitude and wonder of the universe
• We “play” together and have a blast
• We exercise and stay healthy together

Walk in Perfect HolinessHealth
• I sleep peacefully each night
• I maintain a healthy weight for my height (<175#)
• High level of physical activity for rest of life
• Free of serious disease for my whole life
• Eat healthy & disciplined
• I have a very youthful appearance for my age – always
• Responsibly go to doctors for regular checkups
• Exercise with Anella – family activity
• I only say positive things about my body and health
• Lots of stamina and energy
• I have a sharp mind for the rest of my life
• I foster a life of healthy habits
• Exercise as part of charitable outreach (5K’s, etc)

FreeFinancial and Material Abundance
• We always have plenty of money
• We give generously and intuitively to charity and others
• We are generous to family members
• Have a vacation home and spend joyous time there with others
• Our house in the woods on a lake like in my dreams!
• Have tons of flexibility on when we work and what we do
• Flexibility enables us to have a dog, or two!
• We each drive our dream cars
• We go to TED talks regularly
• Travel the world building memories and friendships
• We are friends with a few really spiritual and delightful celebrities
• We dress in stylish clothes that make us feel good
• We invest in things that make a difference
• We have a really big boat named “Wake up Call”

Brethren of the LightMy Character
• I am aware and thoughtful of other’s feelings
• I’m involved in meaningful charitable outreach regularly
• I exude love and caring
• I’m trustworthy and reliable
• I’m diplomatic
• I easily exercise self control whenever I choose to
• I’m confident, calm and easy going
• I respond instead of react
• I’m a family man and take care of family first
• I’m compassionate with a soft heart
• I’m patient and recognize that time is usually an ally
• I’m deeply spiritual and intuitive
• I always see the good in others
• I stop and appreciate beauty
• I’m grateful and vocal about it
• Speaking and thinking positively is my norm

ContentJust For Fun! Woo Hoo!
• I spend lots of time in the yard and garden
• I play and sing in public frequently
• I jam regularly with others
• I learn to play the guitar more intricately
• I write regularly and casually … and stuff gets published!
• We attend inspirational retreats and seminars frequently
• I speak at gatherings about things that I’m passionate about and it feels GREAT!
• I have fun maintaining our house & yard and take of care of them with love and affection
• We go to concerts, concerts, concerts!
• We have a fantastic art collection that reflects us
• We are surrounded by amazing friends with deep connections
• People desire to be around us
• We see the kids regularly and even more when grandkids come!

About David Mills

David is the Founder, Catalyst, and Co-creator of Workplace Hidden Opportunities. Workplace Hidden Opportunities is an information management Specialized Knowledge Platform™ (SKP™) focused exclusively on the workplace and corporate real estate. Together with the W100 a book by the same title is in progress.
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