Spirit is Triumphant Over Matter

Soft Overcomes HardNothing in the world
is as soft and yielding as water.
Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,
nothing can surpass it.
The soft overcomes the hard;
the gentle overcomes the rigid.
Everyone knows this is true,
but few can put it into practice.
Therefore the Master remains
serene in the midst of sorrow.
Evil cannot enter his heart.
Because he has given up helping,
he is people’s greatest help.
True words seem paradoxical.

Tao Te Ching v78

Line and Feather

Resign the Rest to God 2Daily Supply


The assurance of the Lord’s Prayer states, “Give us this day our daily bread.” These words remind me to focus on the present and trust all my needs are met—air to breathe, food to eat, shelter to protect. Not only are my physical needs met but also my spiritual needs—understanding, love, and life itself. I am nourished in every way.

Uplifting words of prayer and gratitude keep my attention on the Source of my daily bread. I am not anxious about storing up for tomorrow or how my good will appear. My heart and mind are open to the flow of ideas, guidance, and strength that steadily sustains me. Relaxed and assured, I trust in God, and every need is fulfilled.

You gave your good spirit to instruct them, and did not withhold your manna from their mouths. Nehemiah 9:20

Daily Word

Line and Feather

Throw Off Your Chains 3If I am bound, my Father is not free.

If I accept that I am prisoner within a body, in a world in which all things that seem to live appear to die, then is my Father prisoner with me. And this do I believe, when I maintain the laws the world obeys must I obey; the frailties and the sins which I perceive are real, and cannot be escaped. If I am bound in any way, I do not know my Father nor my Self. And I am lost to all reality. For truth is free, and what is bound is not a part of truth.

Father, I ask for nothing but the truth. I have had many foolish thoughts about myself and my creation, and have brought a dream of fear into my mind. Today, I would not dream. I choose the way to You instead of madness and instead of fear. For truth is safe, and only love is sure.

A Course In Miracles ~ 278

Line and Feather

Walk in Gratitude. . . Is A Tower Of Light And Strength

The Victor

Man is spirit – this is all man needs to know; and spirit is triumphant over matter.

The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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David is the Founder, Catalyst, and Co-creator of Workplace Hidden Opportunities. Workplace Hidden Opportunities is an information management Specialized Knowledge Platform™ (SKP™) focused exclusively on the workplace and corporate real estate. Together with the W100 a book by the same title is in progress.
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