Ease and Tranquility

CenteredThe Tao is always at ease.
It overcomes without competing,
answers without speaking a word,
arrives without being summoned,
accomplishes without a plan.
Its net covers the whole universe.
And though its meshes are wide,
it doesn’t let a thing slip through.

Tao Te Ching v73

Line and Feather

Joy 2Pray for Others


Each day, I set aside time to pray for others—for those I love, for my community, and for the world. While events in life may prompt me to worry, I choose instead to trust in God.

I begin my prayer by aligning my thoughts with God-consciousness. My mind is calm; I am centered in my heart; and I breathe easily. In the quiet, I see those for whom I pray enfolded in Divine Love. I envision peace and guidance moving in and through their life circumstances. Divine Love, present and active, is healing and restoring, bringing balance and harmony. As I claim the highest good for others, I see loving outcomes emerge. I trust in God, and all is well.

Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Daily Word

Line and Feather

All Rivers Flow to the Sea 2The stillness of the peace of God is mine.

Perhaps we are now ready for a day of undisturbed tranquility. If this is not yet feasible, we are content and even more than satisfied to learn how such a day can be achieved. If we give way to a disturbance, let us learn how to dismiss it and return to peace. We need but tell our minds, with certainty, “The stillness of the peace of God is mine,” and nothing can intrude upon the peace that God Himself has given to His Son.

Father, Your peace is mine. What need have I to fear that anything can rob me of what You would have me keep? I cannot lose Your gifts to me. And so the peace You gave Your Son is with me still, in quietness and in my own eternal love for You.

A Course In Miracles ~ 273

Line and Feather

Protected 3. . . Is Strong To Serve

The Son Is Born In You

You long to do something that helps others. We tell you that the greatest work of all is to develop the Christ Light within your soul. For the son is born in you, in all humanity; and your special work, and ours, is to learn how to project that light into the darkness of ignorance on earth.

The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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