Telescopes, Microscope, InSight

Ancient MastersThe ancient Masters
didn’t try to educate the people,
but kindly taught them to not-know.
When they think that they know the answers,
people are difficult to guide.
When they know that they don’t know,
people can find their own way.
If you want to learn how to govern,
avoid being clever or rich.
The simplest pattern is the clearest.
Content with an ordinary life,
you can show all people the way
back to their own true nature.

Tao Te Ching v65

Line and Feather

Calming Breath 2Insight


The first telescopes and microscopes enabled people to clearly see worlds they had never seen before. Similarly, I gain new insight by looking at life from a different perspective.

If I choose to see a circumstance from another’s point of view, my understanding deepens and my attitude changes. While the condition may remain the same, I see it with greater clarity.

To develop spiritual insight, I study spiritual writings, and I pray. I meditate on the presence and power of God within me, and my understanding grows. I begin to see my oneness with God in a new and deeper way. As I broaden my spiritual awareness, I am blessed with insight.

Jesus said to them privately, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see!”–Luke 10:23

Daily Word

Line and Feather

Let Love Rule 4Creation’s gentleness is all I see.

I have indeed misunderstood the world, because I laid my sins on it and saw them looking back at me. How fierce they seemed! And how deceived was I to think that what I feared was in the world, instead of in my mind alone. Today I see the world in the celestial gentleness with which creation shines. There is no fear in it. Let no appearance of my sins obscure the light of Heaven shining on the world. What is reflected there is in God’s Mind. The images I see reflect my thoughts. Yet is my mind at one with God’s. And so I can perceive creation’s gentleness.

In quiet would I look upon the world, which but reflects Your Thoughts, and mine as well. Let me remember that they are the same, and I will see creation’s gentleness.

A Course In Miracles ~ 265

Line and Feather

My Holiness. . . Is Strong To Serve

To Heal The Whole World

Behind you is a Power beyond your comprehension; God only waits for His children to be willing to be a channel; He only waits for you to serve, knowing that you are nothing. May the channel open wide and the light flood through! By your mental direction it can go forth to heal nations, to heal the whole world.

The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle

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