Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Miracle of Manna, Tintoretto, 1577

Act without doing;
work without effort.
Think of the small as large
and the few as many.
Confront the difficult
while it is still easy;
accomplish the great task
by a series of small acts.

The Master never reaches for the great;
thus she achieves greatness.
When she runs into a difficulty,
she stops and gives herself to it.
She doesn’t cling to her own comfort;
thus problems are no problem for her.

– – – – –

When a nation follows the Way,
Horses bear manure through its fields;
When a nation ignores the Way,
Horses bear soldiers through its streets.

There is no greater mistake than following desire;
There is no greater disaster than forgetting contentment;
There is no greater sickness than seeking attainment;
But one who is content to satisfy his needs
Finds that contentment endures.

Tao Te Ching v46 (two translations)

Abbey at Gethsemani, Mills, 2005

World Peace
I share the peace in my heart with the world.
I care deeply about the world and everyone in it, and though I may feel a yearning to help others, I do not always know how. Because events around the world can seem distant and separate from me, my first response occurs within my own awareness.
When I see images or hear reports of discord, I take the situation into prayer. I hold thoughts of peace, and I visualize peace prevailing within every heart and mind. I resolve to speak in peaceful ways and share the potential for peace with others.
Through prayer, I allow God to heal me of any fear or sense of separation. I realize my oneness with others. Peace is alive in my heart, and this makes a difference in the world.
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. Numbers 6:26

Daily Word

Only an instant does this world endure.
This is a thought which can be used to say that death and sorrow are the certain lot of all who come here, for their joys are gone before they are possessed, or even grasped. Yet this is also the idea that lets no false perception keep us in its hold, nor represent more than a passing cloud upon a sky eternally serene. And it is this serenity we seek, unclouded, obvious and sure, today.
We seek Your holy world today. For we, Your loving Sons, have lost our way a while. But we have listened to Your Voice, and learned exactly what to do to be restored to Heaven and our true Identity. And we give thanks today the world endures but for an instant. We would go beyond that tiny instant to eternity.

A Course In Miracles, Lesson 300

. . . Is Strong To Serve
Never Force The Issue
Never try to force the door and to go into any condition by force; just wait and you will conserve all the power which will be necessary for you to accomplish your work at the given time.

The Quiet Mind, Sayings of White Eagle

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