Father’s Day

Fathers Day 2015Father’s Day always fell within the week of Dad’s birthday on the 19th which was also the final round of the US Open golf tournament. I introduced him to the game of golf when he was fifty years old in 1970 at Harpeth Hills Golf Course in Nashville, Tennessee. On retirement he and my stepmother, Betty, moved to Naples, Florida where golf was his passion at Foxfire Country Club. These made for very special times of celebration until his passing in 2005 at age 85. His influence on my life was, and continues to be, profound.  My comments at Dad’s Memorial 2.6.05 in Naples reflect some of that dynamic. From this side of life to that Happy Father’s Day Dad and early birthday wishes. Also a Happy Father’s Day to all and their progeny who are celebrating this day.

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Ahora Ambos Lados

Ahora Ambos LadosEstaba sentado en la plaza frente a los portalas reflexionando sobre algunas decepciones en mi vida que habían sido parte de una conversación especial con un nuevo amigo cuando una señorita que sostenía un globo lleno de helio (no podía leer lo que era escrito en el globo) con una cuerda en una mano y su teléfono en la otra.
Sus vibraciones eran tristes incluso desde una distancia de unos treinta metros y las lágrimas eran visibles en sus ojos. Contempló el globo que soplaba al viento al final de la cuerda.
Both Sides Now
Después de unos minutos, ella lo soltó y comenzó a fotografiar su partida hasta que desapareció más allá de las nubes. Esto tomó bastantes minutos. Luego tomó una foto de las torres de la Catedral antes de seguir caminando.
Fue tal vez la secuencia más conmovedora de dejar pasar la oración que he presenciado. Dije mi propia oración por ella y por todos los que tienen quejas o desilusiones no resueltas, ya sean conscientes de ellas o no. Mi oración terminó con un tributo a su conciencia, intención y dejar ir algo que ya no estaba sirviendo a su ser superior.
Tales son los momentos de visión e inspiración que Morelia ha estado produciendo en la quietud.

English translation
Both Sides Now
I was sitting in the plaza across from the portalas reflecting on some disappointments in my life that had been part of a special meeting discussion with a new friend when a senorita holding a helium filled balloon (I couldn’t read what was written on the balloon) on a string in one hand and her phone in the other.
Her vibrations were sad even from a distance of thirty yards or so and tears were visible in her eyes. She contemplated the balloon blowing in the wind at the end of the string.
After a few minutes she let it go and began to photograph its departure until it had disappeared beyond the clouds. This took quite a few minutes. She then took a picture of the Cathedral towers before walking on.
It was perhaps the most poignant sequence of prayerful letting go I have ever witnessed. I said my own prayer for her and all the too many that are bearing grievances or unresolved disappointments whether conscious of them or not. My prayer ended with a tribute to her awareness, intention, and letting go of something that was no longer serving her higher self.
Such are the moments of insight and inspiration that Morelia have been bringing forth in the stillness.

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Curiosity and Innovation

Benjamin FranklinOn this day in 1752, Benjamin Franklin flies a kite during a thunderstorm and collects a charge in a Leyden jar when the kite is struck by lightning, enabling him to demonstrate the electrical nature of lightning. Franklin became interested in electricity in the mid-1740s, a time when much was still unknown on the topic, and spent almost a decade conducting electrical experiments. He coined a number of terms used today, including battery, conductor and electrician. He also invented the lightning rod, used to protect buildings and ships.

Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston, to a candle and soap maker named Josiah Franklin, who fathered 17 children, and his wife Abiah Folger. Franklin’s formal education ended at age 10 and he went to work as an apprentice to his brother James, a printer. In 1723, following a dispute with his brother, Franklin left Boston and ended up in Philadelphia, where he found work as a printer. Following a brief stint as a printer in London, Franklin returned to Philadelphia and became a successful businessman, whose publishing ventures included the Pennsylvania Gazette and Poor Richard’s Almanack, a collection of homespun proverbs advocating hard work and honesty in order to get ahead. The almanac, which Franklin first published in 1733 under the pen name Richard Saunders, included such wisdom as: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Whether or not Franklin followed this advice in his own life, he came to represent the classic American overachiever. In addition to his accomplishments in business and science, he is noted for his numerous civic contributions. Among other things, he developed a library, insurance company, city hospital and academy in Philadelphia that would later become the University of Pennsylvania.

Franklin, Adams, JeffersonMost significantly, Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States and had a career as a statesman that spanned four decades. He served as a legislator in Pennsylvania as well as a diplomat in England and France. He is the only politician to have signed all four documents fundamental to the creation of the U.S.: the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Treaty of Alliance with France (1778), the Treaty of Paris (1783), which established peace with Great Britain, and the U.S. Constitution (1787).

Franklin died at age 84 on April 17, 1790, in Philadelphia. He remains one of the leading figures in U.S. history.

Now that’s a life . . ..

Source: This Day in History

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Items for Sale in Nashville, TN

Items for Sale

Edward Fields RugI have just learned that the place where these items are stored is going on the market and being sold. The items listed contain aesthetic and artistic energy that I would hope could move into the right spaces.

These items will not be available long and I hope you will grab hold of them if they speak to you.

Frank Scruggs is an apartment renter at the location at 2605 Mountain Laurel Drive in Antioch, TN and will be happy to meet your and arrange for the sale and your pick up.  His contact information is in the attached Items of Sale above.

Thanks you for helping with movement of these loved artifacts . . . David


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Awaken to Many Realities

Awaken to many Realities – by Guruji Krishnananda
MantrasWe have to awaken to many Truths, many Realities. We have to awaken from ignorance. Sometimes people say that in Hinduism there are so many gods. All these gods do exist. Lord Mahavishnu is in-charge of Life and Life Forces. Lord Shiva is in-charge of the forces of destruction. Lord Brahma is in-charge of creation. And hordes of gods assist these processes.
All gods/deities are manifestations from a single God. There is one God. And here, on this earth, we can imagine Him to be Light. And from that Light all these emanations, all these manifestations came forth. God is energy. God is Light. And God is omnipresent. Everyone has to awaken to the Truth that there is only one God and all others are manifestations.
People have to awaken to the reality that the idols represent gods or deities. A god or deity is energy. The idol carries these energies. Idols are to be worshipped, no doubt, but they themselves are not the deity. Usually, the field of energy is under the ground, beneath the idol. Only a small quantity of energy is present in the idol.
Once we tried to worship Lord Shiva in Nandi Hills. We were told the energies are so huge that the entire hill carries those energies. So, the energies are under the ground and they are the deity, not just the idol.
We have to awaken to the fact that we have to go beyond ritualistic worship or Pooja. Poojas are good, but again we have to go beyond. While performing Pooja we consciously remain distant and distinct from God. When I worship and He gets worshipped, there is duality; there is distance. We have to go beyond this. There are still higher ways of Poojas and worship.
Pooja is a form of expression of our Love and respect. In Meditation, the expression reaches its maximum. We surrender to Him. We merge with Him. That is the highest form of expression of Love.
We are aware of Papa and Punya (merits and demerits). But Punya does not take us to Mukti. A good deed or Karma will give us a good effect, that’s all. Punyas take us only to heaven, not to Mukti. This does not mean that we should not do good deeds but we must know and clearly realize that putting a huge amount in a hundi (donation box) does not help us in attaining Mukti. These are simple Truths. They do not need any explanation.
We cannot appease gods by Shanti Homas or Mantras. Gods do not accept bribes and keep quiet. Most importantly, God is not pleased when we suffer. Some people pierce their tongues and cheeks with needles, etc. Those who do such acts think that God is pleased. God will never appreciate such things. You do not have to suffer. You do not have to even fast to please Him. God is not pleased by these ways.
We must awaken to the reality that God is everywhere, in and around. All that is required is a connection from our pure heart. We have to awaken to this reality. Accept this and begin living accordingly. Interact with God who is everywhere.
(Source – From Book – Guruji Speaks Volume 5)

Source: Revolution by light


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9/11, Katrina and Black Swan Events

The old is dying and the new has not yet been born. In between a lot of morbid symptoms arise.
The challenge of modernity is to live without illusions and without becoming disillusioned.
Antonio Gramsci, Italian 1891-1937

I believe the most challenging and daunting task for leadership today (in whatever arena) is to create a vivid and compelling vision of the future based upon evolving realities and not worn-out platitudes; build a symphony of voices to enroll others in that vision; and then establish the initiatives to live into that vision. Perhaps at its very core is ‘consciousness raising.’

Black Swan EventsDavid Houle, author of Age Shift, is a well respected futurist who in his blog post today had the following observations.

I do think humanity has entered perhaps the most exciting, disruptive, transformative time in our history. Across the spectrum of technology, intelligence, medicine and education we stand ready to create entirely new ways of doing things and living than those we accept from the 20th century as “reality”.  The only area I see being problematic in the next 10 years is the old economic banking system that came into being in the last century.

9/11 was truly a black swan event that altered the world. It shaped the arc of history in this century. We are still in a war that was started that day.

Katrina happened in 2005 and it is clear that New Orleans is no longer the city it used to be.  The population is down by 25% and it has become a tourist echo of its legendary past.

We live in times when the old economic models, political systems and social structures are being challenged across the board.  The “old” seems dysfunctional but the “new”, while showing itself, is not yet ready to replace the “old”.  We are entering a period of creative destruction unparalleled in history.  This is what leads me to sense a fragility in the global economy and the U.S. economy.  We celebrate on the metrics of the old as they lose accuracy and validity.

Black swan events can also help accelerate the rise of new ways of doing things, of new ways of thinking that get propelled forward to replace the old that is breaking or at least creaking under the stress.
As I have written before, the next 20 years will be more transformative than any 50 year period in history.  The outcome, the new realities of the late 2030s may well be glorious, but the road there will be full of disruption and change.  That can clearly be seen.
Black swan events cannot.
Read more . . .

Workplace Hidden Opportunities is committed to helping navigate those passageways.

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Jefferson and Adams

Jefferson and AdamsOn this day in 1813, former President Thomas Jefferson writes former President John Adams to let him know that their mutual friend, Dr. Benjamin Rush, has died.

Rush’s passing caused Jefferson to meditate upon the departure of the Revolutionary generation. He wrote, We too must go; and that ere long. I believe we are under half a dozen at present; I mean the signers of the Declaration.

Although Jefferson and Adams were bitter political enemies by the time of the presidential election of 1800, in which Jefferson narrowly defeated Adams, the two leading intellectuals and politicians of Virginia and Massachusetts had been allies and confidants during the heady, revolutionary days of the late 1770s. Following 12 years of bitter silence caused by their disagreement over the role of the new federal government, the two old friends managed to reestablish the discourse of their younger years spent in Philadelphia, where they both served in the Continental Congress, and Paris, where they served together as ambassadors to France. In 1812, Benjamin Rush, a Patriot and physician from Philadelphia, initiated a renewed correspondence and reconciliation between his two friends and ex-presidents. The correspondence continued until Adams and Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that all three friends had signed in 1776.

Rush and Jefferson had also had their differences. Where Adams and Jefferson had disagreed over politics, Rush and Jefferson had been forced to cease their conversations about religion when they reached an impasse. Although Rush believed in universal salvation and was friendly with Universalist Judith Sargent Murray and Unitarian Joseph Priestly, he accepted Jesus as his savior. Jefferson, a deist, would never see Jesus as anything but a man.

Source: This Day in History

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