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In a western orchestra, there are typically between 22 and 30 instruments. Add casual, pop instruments perhaps another 20. Globally there must be a 1000 or more. Casper Abraham via Quora

When the idea for the Workplace 100™ (W100™) was conceived it was more focused on the corporate real estate aspect than the acceleration of change that is taking place in the workplace. From my perspective many of us could see the tsunami effect of those changes coming and were, in fact, speaking about them (some are captured on these pages). Most of us were not yet living them.

For many of us, 2017 was a disquieting year. Without recounting the numerous disturbances it has been a wake-up call to individual responsibility, accountability, and course corrections in 2018 and beyond. The W100 can be a Force majeure in bring raised consciousness and insights to what will unfold.

Road Ahead
Imagine one note played clearly and resonating without distraction. Now imagine two played clearly and resonating as if one. Now imagine four different notes played clearly and resonating in harmony. Now imagine eight players adding their own harmonic riffs. Then there were sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four and finally one hundred. Each brought with them their unique instruments. And then they played together.

W100™ is an exercise and experiment in collective intelligence. It starts with the identification and naming of one hundred engaged souls who are perceived by their words and actions as emissaries of a unified thought capacity and an unbridled collective intelligence. Its focus is on the aesthetics of the workplace and on the physicality of underlying corporate real estate assets and operations.

Humanist Future Trends 2020: Peter Vander Auwera by Rudy de Waele was published only a few short days ago. Peter used the term levers in describing five trends that in his words, ‘could enable high-quality advancement for a humanist future.’

  • High-Quality Connections
  • Respect for the collective unconscious
  • Coherence of narrative, motives, and governance
  • Everything important has to do Aesthetic, Moral and Spiritual advancement
  • Structure drives everything

This is the type of instructive and inspiring communication we are looking to connect with the W100™ and the Workplace Hidden Opportunities network. One change in the selection criteria is the search for individuals who are pursuing a big idea and actively communicating aspects of implementing that big idea. Historically, best practices have been a mark of distinction. In today’s exponentially and accelerating change a best practice could, though not necessarily, be a framework for obsolescence.

What will be apparent now is that the identification and naming of W100™ candidates has not been the typical process of rounding up the usual suspects; nor will the qualification and onboarding process of its members. While many of these candidates are known to me and each other, I suspect many are not. The W100 is grand experiment in exploring the potentialities of collective intelligence. The list of candidates have been selected and will be announced here at Workplace Hidden Opportunities, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere including such locations as the W100™ candidates choose to share. Tomorrow, August 2, 2018 is the day.

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The Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree 1In a nearby park to enjoy the first cool breeze we’ve had in several days in early June I was reminded of several summers spent in Clovis, New Mexico at my grandparents house.

Clovis is four hundred miles on a straight line west from Dallas, seven miles across the Panhandle border. My family lived in Dallas from the fall of 1956 to the summer of 1963 when we moved to Nashville, Tennessee. I had my ninth through fifteenth birthdays during those years.

Lemon Tree 2A lemon tree across from the bench where I sat now brought forth a cascade of reminiscences. A perspective yet to be seen and now retrospective all were captured in the Peter, Paul and Mary classic of my youth, Lemon Tree. What wondrous mystery I would write many years later in my own scribed vision, To My Father’s House.

Clovis, in those years, had about twenty thousand residents and the house at 712 Mitchell Street was a half block from the edge of downtown and the Methodist Church where my grandfather was one of the elders. The summers were hot like the spell (which I have been told is unusual) that Morelia is experiencing. The houses in Clovis didn’t have air-conditioning then nor does Morelia now. Mornings and evenings were usually a bit cooler with a breeze.

Clovis provided free reign visits to aunts and uncles, three downtown movie theaters where the films changed weekly, capturing butterflies, cherry Cokes at the Rexall lunch counter, or just wandering the streets and alleyways; the entertainments were endless. The basement at 712 and PopPop’s shop out back were museums in their own right. One was home to the collected memorabilia and his HO model train platform (which filled the basement), the other housed tools most of which he had designed and built from scratch and remain beyond my comprehension.

Clovis StockyardsClovis had two primary claims to fame: cattle ranching and the Santa Fe Railway. The stockyards were a bi-product. Breezes and strong winds came from many directions flavoring the night air with a variety of smells. My bedroom was on the front of the house where the windows opened to the front porch, its swing and when the wind was right (or wrong) the smell, which could last for days was as pungent as if you were in one of the stalls with the cattle. Across the street the expanse of the Curry County Courthouse grounds was like a park, but it too was subject to the prevailing winds. The theaters were air-conditioned and accompanied by the buttered popcorn and the big screen entertainment the smells outside were forgotten.

Life, in those days, before the lemon tree was free of many of the complexities of adulthood . . . at least in those transitional stages.

Today, looking back, those prophetic words resonate. Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.

My friend, John Madden, like to quote a line from The Last Best Hope, ‘What you lose on the merry-go-round, you pick up on the swings.’ No tree, no flower, no flower, no fruit. And to be sure, some fruit is sweeter than others. As for my take at my now seventieth year, life without the lemon tree would missing its most primal ingredient.

Perhaps my favorite expression of this is Carly Simon performing It’s Coming Around Again with her chorus of young voices.

En Esapnol

En un parque cercano para disfrutar de la primera brisa fresca que hemos tenido en varios días a principios de junio, me acordé de varios veranos pasados ​​en Clovis, Nuevo México en la casa de mis abuelos.

Clovis está a cuatrocientas millas en línea recta al oeste de Dallas, a siete millas de la frontera del Panhandle. Mi familia vivió en Dallas desde el otoño de 1956 hasta el verano de 1963 cuando nos mudamos a Nashville, Tennessee. Tuve de noveno a decimoquinto cumpleaños durante esos años.

Un limonero frente al banco donde estaba sentado trajo una cascada de reminiscencias. Una perspectiva aún por verse y ahora retrospectiva, todas fueron capturadas en el clásico de Peter, Paul y Mary de mi juventud, Lemon Tree. Qué maravilloso misterio escribiría muchos años después en mi propia visión, “To My Father’s House”.

Clovis, en aquellos años, tenía alrededor de veinte mil residentes y la casa en 712 Mitchell Street estaba a media cuadra del borde del centro y de la Iglesia Metodista donde mi abuelo era uno de los ancianos. Los veranos eran calientes como el hechizo (que me han dicho que es inusual) que Morelia está experimentando. Las casas en Clovis no tenían aire acondicionado entonces tampoco Morelia ahora. Las mañanas y las tardes eran generalmente más frescas con la brisa.

Clovis brindó visitas gratuitas a tías y tíos, tres cines del centro de la ciudad donde las películas cambiaban semanalmente, capturaban mariposas, cerezas Cokes en el mostrador de Rexall, o simplemente deambulaban por las calles y los callejones; los entretenimientos fueron interminables. El sótano en 712 y la tienda PopPop atrás eran museos por derecho propio. Uno fue el hogar de los recuerdos recopilados y su plataforma de modelo de tren HO (que llenó el sótano), las otras herramientas alojadas, la mayoría de las cuales había diseñado y construido desde cero y quedan fuera de mi comprensión.

Clovis tenía dos reclamos principales a la fama: la ganadería y el ferrocarril de Santa Fe. Los corrales fueron un producto biológico. Brisas y vientos fuertes vinieron de muchas direcciones, dando sabor al aire nocturno con una variedad de olores. Mi habitación estaba en el frente de la casa, donde las ventanas se abrían al porche, su columpio y cuando soplaba el viento (o mal) el olor, que podía durar días, era tan intenso como si estuvieras en uno de los puestos. con el ganado Al otro lado de la calle, la extensión de los terrenos de los juzgados del condado de Curry era como un parque, pero también estaba sujeta a los vientos predominantes. Los teatros tenían aire acondicionado y estaban acompañados de palomitas de maíz con mantequilla y el entretenimiento de la gran pantalla olvidó los olores del exterior.

La vida, en aquellos días, antes de que el limonero estuviera libre de muchas de las complejidades de la edad adulta. . . al menos en esas etapas de transición.

Hoy, mirando hacia atrás, esas palabras proféticas resuenan. Limonero muy bonito y la flor de limón es dulce, pero la fruta del pobre limón es imposible de comer.

A mi amigo, John Madden, le gusta citar una frase de The Last Best Hope, “Lo que pierdes en el tiovivo, tomas en los columpios.” Sin árbol, sin flor, sin flor, sin fruto. Y para estar seguro, algunas frutas son más dulces que otras. En cuanto a mi opinión en mi ahora setenta años, la vida sin el limonero echaría en falta su ingrediente principal.

Utilice los enlaces y fotografías de arriba. . .

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On The Street Where You Live

On The Street 4David, El Amigo Gringo, spent his first two months in Morelia with a former business acquaintance and software executive. Calle Aldama in Centro Historico is three blocks south and downhill from Madero, Morelia’s main downtown Avenue, the Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, the Portalas home to fashionable hotels and restaurants. The fates and angels intervened during that second month and his own apartment to be appeared. On the fourth Wednesday of April he moved into his new, spacious, and window abundant second floor home at Calle Aquiles Serdan some twelve blocks to the east and slightly north. What follows is an attempt to describe the unfolding magic of that neighborhood and the street where he lives.

A short retrospective sets the stage. In 1963 at the age of fifteen his family moved from Colmar Street in Dallas to Lynwood Terrace in Nashville. The following year the movie, My Fair Lady , left the young man totally enchanted. On The Street Where You Live captures the feelings of his enchantment with the neighborhood and its people.

On The Street 1The existance of every life and protagonist of every story meets demons and obstacles in pursuit of their purpose. David’s challenge to the unfolding enchantment in Morelia has been a leg injury sustained in the first days from a combination of altitude adjustment and excessive walking. Those challenges and constraints have led to discoveries which might otherwise not have occurred. In short they have included an introduction to the Mexico medical system and alternative medicine; and the amazement of learning what and who is close at hand. Those will be topics for future chapters. It has been observed that boundaries expand creativity. This has been, until now, contrary to his desires and thinking; nevertheless, now embraced. Those too will be topics for future chapters.

On The Street 3Now to the enchantment and magic of the street where he lives. This is his eighty-fourth day at AS 803. Days are used here because the cascade of wonderment has been no more often, not less, than that. First is a list of places or events and second is a list of first names. These each are stories extraordinaire and topics for future chapters.

Places and events.
Aquiles Serdan 803, Cafe Infusion, Hotel Portico, Gian Carlos Italiano Restorante, Spa Sayamara, Forthius Gym, Restaurante Villalongin, Banos Villalongin Swimming Pool, Cafe Aqueducto, Hotel Mansion Mijashe, Al Taquita, Chi Spa, Cafe Tarasca, Michelena, Rincon de la K’urhunda, Mercado San Juan, BBVA Bancomer, Morelia United, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Howard Johnson’s, and incredibly the list goes on. To survey the landscape to see the locations, Google Maps.

On The Street 5People.
Mary, Jorge, Itzel, Gabriel, Mui, Rosio, Christina, Andrea, Alejandro, Bosco, Matlena, Dianna, Sophia, Diego, Bide, Juan Carlos, Jaunita, Angie, Mitzi, Mimis, Norma, Eddie, Jirla, Dolph, Alex, Gabriel, Juan Carlos, Ana, Michael, Jan, Wayne, Irene, and amazingly the list goes on. If it all seems a bit overwhelming, that’s because it is.

On The Street 6The movie Phenomenon with John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker,  Robert Duvall, et al portrays a sense of this overwhelming other-worldliness in the here and now that he has been experiencing. Mystery, Magic, and Grace are the best descriptions of wonder and appreciation he is able to grasp at present. And all the time Winston has never left my side . . .

Welcome to the annals of El Amigo Gringo in Morelia.

En Espanol
David, El Amigo Gringo, pasó sus primeros dos meses en Morelia con un antiguo conocido de negocios y ejecutivo de software. La Calle Aldama en el Centro Histórico se encuentra a tres cuadras al sur y cuesta abajo desde Madero, la avenida principal del centro de Morelia, la Catedral, la Plaza de Armas, el Portalas que alberga los hoteles y restaurantes de moda. Los destinos y los ángeles intervinieron durante ese segundo mes y apareció su propio apartamento. El cuarto miércoles de abril se trasladó a su nueva, espaciosa y abundante casa en el segundo piso de la calle Aquiles Serdan, a unas doce cuadras al este y ligeramente al norte. Lo que sigue es un intento de describir la magia desplegada de ese barrio y la calle donde vive.

Una breve retrospectiva prepara el escenario. En 1963, a la edad de quince años, su familia se mudó de Colmar Street en Dallas a Lynwood Terrace en Nashville. Al año siguiente, la película, My Fair Lady, dejó al joven totalmente encantado. En la calle donde vives captura los sentimientos de su encanto con el vecindario y su gente.

El protagonista de cada vida e historia encuentra demonios y obstáculos en la búsqueda de su propósito. El desafío de David al encanto que se desarrolla en Morelia ha sido una lesión en la pierna sufrida en los primeros días debido a una combinación de ajuste de la altitud y caminata excesiva. Esos desafíos y limitaciones han llevado a descubrimientos que de otro modo no podrían haber ocurrido. En resumen, han incluido una introducción al sistema médico de México y la medicina alternativa; y el asombro de saber qué y quién está cerca. Esos serán temas para futuros capítulos. Se ha observado que los límites expanden la creatividad. Esto ha sido, hasta ahora, contrario a sus deseos y pensamiento; sin embargo, ahora abrazado. Esos también serán temas para capítulos futuros.

Ahora, al encanto y la magia de la calle donde vive. Este es su octogésimo cuarto día en AS 803. Los días se usan aquí porque la cascada de la admiración no ha sido más frecuente, ni menos, que eso. Primero hay una lista de lugares o eventos y el segundo es una lista de nombres. Estas son historias extraordinarias y temas para capítulos futuros.

Lugares y eventos
Aquiles Serdan 803, Cafe Infusion, Hotel Portico, Gian Carlos Italiano Restorante, Spa Sayamara, Forthius Gym, Restaurante Villalongin, Baños Villalongin Piscina, Café Aqueducto, Hotel Mansión Mijashe, Al Taquita, Chi Spa, Café Tarasca, Michelena, Rincon de la K’urhunda , Mercado San Juan, BBVA Bancomer, Morelia United, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Howard Johnson’s e increíblemente la lista continúa. Para examinar el paisaje para ver las ubicaciones, Google Maps.

María, Jorge, Itzel, Gabriel, Mui, Rosio, Christina, Andrea, Alejandro, Bosco, Matlena, Dianna, Sophia, Diego, Bide, Juan Carlos, Jaunita, Angie, Mitzi, Mimis, Norma, Eddie, Jirla, Dolph, Alex, Gabriel , Juan Carlos, Ana, Michael, Jan, Wayne, Irene, y sorprendentemente la lista continúa. Si todo parece un poco abrumador, es porque así es.

La película Fenómeno con John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall y otros retrata una sensación de esta abrumadora mundanalidad en el aquí y el ahora que ha estado experimentando. Misterio, Magia y Gracia son las mejores descripciones de admiración y aprecio que puede captar en el presente. Y todo el tiempo Winston nunca se ha alejado de mi lado. . .

Bienvenido a los anales de El Amigo Gringo en Morelia.

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The only value we have as human beings is the risks we are willing to take.The only value we have as human beings is the risks we are willing to take. Ernest Hemingway

Aboard his boat Pilar in Cuba.

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Roots of Trump

The Trump Family’s Immigrant Story

Trump Lineage

Friedrich, Fred, Donald

On October 7, 1885, Friedrich Trump, a 16-year-old German barber, bought a one-way ticket for America, escaping three years of compulsory German military service. He had been a sickly child, unsuited to hard labor, and feared the effects of the draft. It might have been illegal, but America didn’t care about this law-breaking—at that time, Germans were seen as highly desirable migrants—and Trump was welcomed with open arms. Less than two weeks later, he arrived in New York, where he would eventually make a small fortune. More than a century later, his grandson, Donald Trump, became the 45th president of Friedrich’s adopted home . . .

. . . Trump’s international origins make him relatively unusual among American presidents. Of the last 10 presidents, only two—Trump and Barack Obama—have had a parent born outside of the United States. Trump’s own immediate family has been similarly international: Two of his three wives were naturalized American citizens, originally from the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Only one of his five children, Tiffany, is the child of two American-born citizens, while his daughter, Ivanka, is the first Jewish member of the First Family in American history. But so far as his biographers have been able to tell, none of his international roots extends to Sweden.

Read more from the source:


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The Cosmos Right Now

There is some shadowy emotional energy swirling in the Cosmos right now. In fact, it has been brewing for weeks, causing deep and uneasy stirrings in your soul…
Can you feel it? Navigating this heavy cosmic veil can be tricky…

Supermoon and Eclipse 7.12.18Tonight at 7:45pm PT / 10:45pm ET,  we’ll witness a rare New Supermoon and simultaneous partial solar eclipse in the sensitive sign of Cancer.

Eclipses bring to light any thoughts, feelings and emotions that have been previously hidden or eclipsed from your consciousness.
Just as tonight’s dark moon will momentarily block out the sun’s light, covering the Earth in a blanket of complete darkness, you too will experience the depths of your shadow self…
And because this New Supermoon sails exceptionally close to earth on her orbit, making her energetic influence much stronger than normal, emotions are being tugged to the extreme, just as the tides.

So, if you’ve been extra sensitive, nostalgic or cranky lately, just know that you’re experiencing the full effects of this Cosmic occurrence….
And while it may feel confronting right now, like you want to hide under your bed and wait for eclipse season to pass, we promise it can spark incredible breakthroughs.

Any confusion or sadness you are experiencing right now is helping you process some deep-seated emotions that you’ve never fully dealt with…
And you’re more ready than ever to experience a beautiful transformation!

Now is the time to look within and decide what part of you needs to come to the surface and shine!

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Bill Frist, Thank You . . .

This is a rare op-ed post from me on a non-commercial site where I try to share both relevant information to our life and times, as well as inspiration.

With that said here is my background, context endorsement regarding Bill Frist about both his observations and future leadership roles.

Bill Frist re Robert Mueller 7.12.18In a world of relentless noise where keywords become a requirement for filtering local and global information here are those attributes of Bill Frist that I choose to highlight in their importance to me. These are listed in order of importance as I reflect on the needs of society and our evolving global civilization #humanitarian #studied #balanced #involved #forthright These each have subsets which are formidable in their own rights: compassionate, disciplined, fair-minded, engaged, thoughtful, and the list goes on.

Bill Frist and I were neighbors in Belle Meade where he was a social guest in my home while he was in his transition from heart surgeon to the US Senate.

I have followed his career from then to the present now covering some 33 years. Those years have been marked with an unprecedented velocity of exponential change on every level of society and being and only promise to accelerate.

The article that prompted this was his calls on Republicans in the Senate to protect the work of Robert Mueller.

This is expression of mine is neither politically or partisanship related but rather is a call to each of us to reach for that higher self within us and move beyond the seeming immediacy of our own perceived interests.
Please receive this as nothing more or less than that.

Writing from Morelia, Mexico
July 12, 2018

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